Steward Health Cards

Health Cards Q1/2

Below are some first (and likely final) impressions of Health Cards for Stewards:






@simona_pop (profile not linked on ShowKarma; complete forum data not available)


@sumdesh (no data found)



@ricmoo (profile not linked on ShowKarma; complete forum data not available)

@validator.eth (profile not linked on ShowKarma; complete forum data not available)

@matoken.eth (profile not linked on ShowKarma; complete forum data not available)



@jefflau.eth (no data found)


@Leon (profile not linked on ShowKarma; complete forum data not available)


  • A sheet with details on how scores are calculated will be attached
  • Survey scores are fake news (placeholders)


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I’m not sure how useful a metric it would be to include on the card, but I’d be interested in seeing the total awards/grants/RFPs funded.


That will be included in the Governance Report for each WG, published at the end of June


I love it, I sort of want to collect these as physical trading cards too :grinning:


Health Cards are attached for 12 Stewards, remaining 6 will be attached soon all stewards

For someone looking at a data role, you need to get better at searching…

And it’s great to see how much inspiration you are taking from the @Gitcoin healthcards we already use and that I suggested in a previous post. Kudos for the inspo would also be great - we’re all in this together.

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still not > 100 and it is on ShowKarma…point stands.

Sorry what is the screenshot and how is that related to what I said re Gitcoin inspiration? People have worked hard on that tooling. It’s all open source so ofc you can fork it but in this community we actually express gratitude for eachother and are civil with eachother.

Your Karma Rank is 127 according to ShowKarma. Here is the data from the API


Thank you for your work!

Revised: maybe I am not understanding why the rank over 100 is RED vs the lower are GREEN?

It’s a collective piece of work and one should share kudos without being prompted. Again, we’re aiming to make web3 a better version of what we have out there. Manners come with that.

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I had no idea it was your work. I have attributed this tooling to @mmurthy. Again, thank you for your work.

Higher rank is bad - hence Red. Lower rank is good - hence Green. All scores have been mapped to a colormap on which Red is bad and Green is good.

PS. Some cards – top 4 – are not yet updated with correct color-coding. Fixed

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@mmurthy can chime in as I am pretty sure the ongoing conversation has been very explicit around this being a Gitcoin DAO created piece of tooling…

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I’ll make sure to credit Gitcoin DAO with the tooling in the description sheet which will be attached alongside Cards. It will also contain details of how the scores are calculated.

hence confusion…

looking forward to the evolution of this and the description sheet.


Can confirm, steward health cards was the brainchild of Fred from Gitcoin. For V2 of the cards, we have been working with Fred, Sid, Simona and team at MMM workstream for few months now. All the data now comes from Karma. Hope this clarifies things. I thought @inplco knew this since we have talked about this a lot but either way clarifying.

Also, one suggestion is to just fork the gitcoin health cards repo or extend it instead of building this from scratch if it saves time.


Thank you for clarifying Mahesh! I did not know about the MMM connection and I will credit Fred, Sid, Simona and MMM team in the description sheet.

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Bonus Sample Card:


If someone else wants their card made, let me know in the comments below!

++ on no double work

There is no need for a fork since there will only be one iteration. Unless someone wants to keep this version alive of course