Steward Nominations — ENS Ecosystem Working Group

ENS Ecosystem WG Steward Nominations are now open!

To nominate yourself to be a steward of the ENS Ecosystem Working Group, complete the steps below before 9am UTC on December 9.

Nomination Process

To nominate yourself as a Steward of the ENS Ecosystem WG, follow these three steps:

Step 1

Reply to this post with the following information:

  • Link to Snapshot: (fill this in after Step 2)
  • Preferred Name and/or ENS name:
  • Forum username:
  • Twitter profile link (optional):
  • Why you would be a good Steward of this working group?

Step 2

Create a Snapshot vote in the ENS WG Steward Nomination space here . Select “New Proposal” and use the following template:


  • Title: [[Name of working group]] Nominate [your preferred name or ENS name]
    example : [Ecosystem] Nominate validator.eth
  • Body: copy and past your forum reply from above which includes:
    • Your preferred name/ENS name
    • Forum username
    • Twitter profile link (optional)
    • Why you would be a good Steward of this working group

Vote Timing

  • Select the start date and time as your current local date and time
  • Select the end date as the equivalent of 9am UTC Dec 9 in your local time
  • For help converting timezones, please consult this website .

Step 3

Once you have replied and created a Snapshot vote, you can edit your forum post in this thread and include a link to your Snapshot vote.

After successfully nominating yourself to be a Steward, you require 10k votes in support of your nomination on Snapshot.

Any nominee with 10k votes supporting their Steward nomination will be included in the ballot for the Steward election of this working group.

Important Dates

The nomination window for Stewards will be open from 9am UTC on December 6 to 9am UTC on December 9 for the Q1/Q2 Term of 2023.

The Steward election will start at 9am UTC on December 10, 2022 and remain open for 120 hours. The three Steward nominees with the most votes will be offered the role of Steward in the relevant working group, based on the order in which they are ranked.


In order to nominate yourself as a Steward, you must have write-access to all of the categories in the governance forum. Please submit the Participant Request form if you require write-access. If you have submitted the form and have not received a response it is because there is an invalid entry in your form. Please resubmit the Participant Request form .

Please reserve replies to this post for nominations only. If you have any questions please post them here .


Link to the Snapshot: Snapshot
Preferred name: Cap
ENS name: thecap.eth
Forum Username: @cap
Twitter profile link:

– Why you would be a good Steward of this working group?

|| Brief intro ||

I’m the founder of Namespace which is a platform that provides a suite of creative tools to help ENS name owners get the most out of their names! It aims to build a custom set of ENS management tools for different user groups (NFT communities, influencers, streamers, family management, etc.)

|| Why did I decide to join and build on ENS? ||

The reason why I decided to build on top of ENS (and apply today) is that I believe it’s one of the most well-thought-out protocols that currently exist in web3.

We at Namespace, besides our core focus, are actively exploring ways we can contribute to the ENS and Ethereum ecosystem as a whole in a public good manner and help speed up the adoption of ENS. From building L2 integrations (currently researching Arbitrum and ZKsync) to creating an open-source API with an industry-specific set of features to serve the different projects as best as possible with the goal to streamline ENS adoption among developers.

|| What makes me competent for this position? ||

I graduated with Bachelor’s in Computer Science and attended International Business school in Boston for my Master’s degree. I don’t place a lot of ‘value’ on traditional education systems but it’s worth mentioning as part of my background.

Since I come from the web2 startup world, for the past 9 years I have always been launching startups or around one, pitching competitions, mentoring teams, and have been an advisor to startups one of which gained worldwide recognition. To this day I’m blessed/cursed to be a builder therefore I’m constantly brainstorming ideas, solving problems in my head, working on interesting projects, and constantly flexing my idea brain muscle. I co-founded 2 startups and raised funds for 1 which is still active where I currently sit on board.

I was a community manager for 4 years, hosting and interviewing entrepreneurs, founders, and other successful people, which gives me the ability to navigate the conversation during calls and meetings.

I participated in almost every weekly ecosystem call for the last 3-4 months and understand how they are run. In the beginning, while I was studying ENS and participated in Discord, helping with answering questions.

I wrote an article called Meet ENS ( that we describe as an ‘all-encompassing knowledge base on the ENS’. I regularly refer new people there who want to learn about ENS.

|| To conclude ||

Being at the forefront of happenings and being the first one to see all the new projects and ideas that arrive in one of the best ecosystems in web3 space would be amazing! I can provide good feedback, I can connect people through my network, and help them get what they need.

Without a doubt, this would be a dream job for me. Or as Phoebe would say - ‘it’s like the mothership is calling you home.’ And that is why I want to apply.

Thank you. :pray: :saluting_face:


Snapshot : snapshot
Preferred Name : slobo.eth
Forum username : slobo.eth
Twitter profile link :

Why do you think you would be a good steward of this working group?

As the current lead ecosystem steward, I’m well positioned to build on the progress the ENS ecosystem working group has accomplished during the first two terms.

  1. Facilitated the funding of builders/projects in the ENS ecosystem, including,, plantable, and many more.
  2. Ran 40+ weekly calls with clear agendas and minutes, check out the examples here and here.
  3. Organized and lead the one year ENS DAO Anniversary Celebration
  4. Successfully judged ethnewyork & ethbogata, while improving the judging process
  5. Co-authored a ENS IP to add source tracking to registrations.
  6. Built, to simplify the setting of primary names.

Lastly, as one of the founders of, which deeply relies on ENS, I’m well positioned to provide a builder’s perspective.


Snapshot: Snapshot
ENS name: limes.eth
Forum username: limes
Twitter profile link:
Why you would be a good Steward of this working group?

As a previous steward in the now closed community working group, I headed up the initiatives of the .eth hat distribution to core community members and the IRL event in NYC. I held twitter spaces with ENS contributors and helped run the ENS DAO twitter account.

Over the past 6 months I have closely communicated with some of the ENS stewards and determined the way I could best help the DAO grow is being a grants coordinator where I am the liaison between the groups of people building on ENS and the DAO itself. This could help bring funding to those who are most suited to help the adoption of the worlds best decentralized identity protocol.

In my professional life, I am a CPA at an accounting firm in a practice that works exclusively on crypto clients including hedge funds, exchanges, mining companies, etc. This experience positions me well to be a point of contact for the DAO grants as I’ve witnessed the funding process for companies and seen the record keeping function.

Lastly, I would continue the community building aspect of my previous tenure and promote the ENS ecosystem to get builders excited about building on top of ENS.


Snapshot: snapshot
Preferred Name: Yambo.eth
Forum Username: @yambo
Twitter profile link:

Why I would be a good Steward of the Ecosystem working group:

I believe ENS to be a technical as well as cultural product and that ENS DAO working groups need both cultural and technical leadership. I’m running for ENS DAO Ecosystem Steward to bring my knowledge and practical experience in building Web3 products to help drive more impactful outcomes for the DAO.

As a software developer and product builder with over a decade of experience, I have been working on Web3 and blockchain-related products for the past 5 years within Web3 startups, the development community, and Fortune 500 Fintech corporations. My unique perspective of blockchain and Web3 from my extensive time in the industry makes me a strong candidate for contributing to ENS DAO as an empowered Ecosystem steward. In addition, my practical experience as a product builder would be extremely helpful for 1) vetting important projects integrating ENS for grants and potential partnerships, 2) effectively communicating with the team at ENS Labs, 3) understanding the more technical concerns of the community, and other benefits.

I believe I can deliver value as an ENS DAO Ecosystem Steward when working with other Stewards, ENS Labs, and the DAO at large. I want to represent you as your ENS DAO Ecosystem Steward, and I appreciate your support and votes.

Thank you,


Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
Preferred Name and/or ENS name: Daylon / daylon.eth
Forum username: daylon.eth
Twitter profile link (optional): @feraldread
Why you would be a good Steward of this working group?
I feel my greatest selling point is simply my participation.
I’ve been dedicated and involved since day one of the DAO. That alone is more than most can say.

  • My forum summary currently shows almost a full week of read time with ~10k topics read in just the first year the DAO has existed.
  • I’ve participated in 100% of the votes, and I am never afraid to stand alone as the only dissenting voice, even when it is so much easier to just “rubber stamp” everything.
  • I created the ENS DAO Newsletter because I understand the importance of transparency and education to the success of a public project.
  • I’ve developed several proposals (example), many of which didn’t go anywhere, but ENS DAO is an iterative process and I still believe the effort was worth my time.

My second greatest selling point is probably the following character traits I developed during my time in the military:

  • Ability to thrive in “chaos” and uncertainty
  • Attention to detail
  • Punctuality and respect for other’s time
  • Accountability - actions speak louder than words!

Besides those main points, some other unique qualifications I feel I bring are:

  • Critical thinking ability. I form my own conclusions based on research, knowledge, experience, and objective reasoning.
  • I don’t seek acceptance. Often the truth is uncomfortable, but that is never an excuse to be dishonest or to pander. Telling people what they want to hear is easy. Standing up for what you believe in is difficult when it isn’t the status quo - but integrity is always worth maintaining.
  • I am not motivated by money. I can’t be bought. I’m in it for the tech, not your bags. I’m actually a bitcoiner since 2014 and I’m not even particularly allegiant in Ethereum, for what it’s worth.

Thank you for your consideration.

  • Link to Snapshot:

> Snapshot

  • Your preferred name/ENS name: cazer.eth
    • Forum username: Mambo

    • Twitter profile link: @BAYCbaby

    • I have been involved with online communities and ecosystems since 2007. The ENS Community has stood out to me in a unique fashion because there are many like-minded builders, like myself, who want to build out the infrastructure of Web 3.0. Therefore, I have been doing my part in building Web 3.0 by writing threads, tweets, and creating informational videos about ENS through spaces and articles. via Twitter.

Journalism has been my strongest strength in helping the ENS-Ecosystem thrive. I believe that our Voice is the Strongest Asset we have as Humans.

Leadership is also one of my strong suits. “If nobody else will do it, then I will.” Is one of the mottos that I solemnly live by.

Innovation is a key part of figuring out solutions to problems. When the outcome seems imminent, how can I find that 1% and execute things properly to achieve efficiency while maintaining true integrity? That in-depth thinking outline is something that helps me solve problems others might not have been able to solve.

I am interested in the role of becoming one of the Core ENS Members because of the better future I can see ENS having with me involved in it. That puts a sort of test to me personally, because I want a better future for my children and grandchildren. I want to work towards the idea of Decentralized Identity becoming a Human Right. My Patriotic Aspirations for ENS began when the DAO was created on November 8th, 2021.

Quality over quantity, and I bring that quality aspect when it comes to getting the job done correctly to the best extent possible. I hope that you will consider my nomination for the ENS Ecosystem Working Group as I am eager to start working for the great cause of Decentralization that ENS has been striving towards.

  • Link to Snapshot: proposal
  • Preferred Name and/or ENS name: stevegachau.eth
  • Forum username: stevegachau.eth
  • Twitter profile link:
  • Why do you think you would be a good steward of this working group?

I have been an active contributor to the ENS DAO since January. During this time, I have built several projects i.e @ensregistry, @optinames & also helped release @ensredirect. I’m very interested in further contributing to the ENS ecosystem by helping guide the Ecosystem WG moving forward.

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Link to Snapshot :

Preferred name: nftcutie
ENS name: rajnikant.eth
Forum Username: nftcutie
Twitter profile link:

– Why you would be a good Steward of this working group?

I am a techie and have working experience in startups, customer service, BFSI, marketing and social media.
I am part of ethereum ecosystem for 20 Months now and have been a active contributor in Governance, tokenomics and marketing with DAOs like Pizza DAO and multiple NFT projects.

I want to build with ENS and think would be a great addition to ENS ecosystem.
My ideas and projects in NFT/web3 space can bring ENS to mass adoption.

Looking forward to contribute
WAGMI :muscle:t2:

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