Suggestion: Adding a link to opensea if an ens name is already registered

Some people may not know ens is an ERC721 standard NFT and can be traded on NFT market such as opensea.

If an ens name is already registered, I suggest adding a opensea link(the detail page of the ens name on opensea ) in the detail page. If he/she want to buy the ens name, he/she could make an offer on opensea conveniently.


Where are our techs, I think this is a necessary improvement and I totally agree

Good idea and please add LooksRare too if their API allows for it yet.

主意不错,但是我觉得可能 不会加这个链接,主要因为 ENS 交易不属于 ENS 基础功能,团队应该不会把第三方链接加到 app 上。其次,即使要加一个方便交易的链接,不能因为 opensea 的规模最大就将其作为唯一的选择 。



That’s a good idea, but I don’t think will add this link because ENS transactions are not part of the ENS-based capabilities and the team won’t add third-party links to the app. Second, even if you want to add a link to facilitate transactions, you shouldn’t leave Opensea as the only option just because it’s the largest.


Could you clarify your post ? I’m not sure I understand your idea.

For example: on page ENS App , add a link to

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You can simply type example.eth in OpenSea to find it, no?