Suggestion: Setting a royalty in opensea to Increase ENS DAO's revenue

Suggestion: Setting a royalty(such as 2.5%) on opensea to Increase ENS DAO’s revenue.

ENS volume traded in opensea is 12.1K ETH so far. If there is a 2.5% royalty from the start, ENS DAO would has earned 302.5ETH by now.

Some people don’t know ens can be traded on opensea. If an ens name is already registered, the detail page (such as ENS App) can has a link to opensea (such as to facilitate the trade of ens.


Would a secondary market royalty benefit the community? Can you tell me how, and I’m personally wondering if there are any University papers concluding a positive effect on mitigating squatting?

Doing something like this just to increase revenue is against the DAO’s constitution, pretty sure.

there’s a lot to do here!!!

This doesn’t make any sense at all.

Royalty fee is good for the artists. Traditionally, the artist might only sell their works at a low price at the very beginning. Later on, the artists won’t make money even if people rediscovered the value and the price skyrockets.

Royalty fee ensures that the artist could still share revenue if people discover the underestimated masterpieces, which is actually pretty common in arts.

I don’t see how this could apply to ENS domains.