Suggestions on Public Goods bounties

As part of the last Public Goods meeting, one of the main things we discussed was how to encourage public goods in a way that isn’t replicating the Gitcoin structure. One of the topics was to generate and manage bounties for projects that we want to exist but aren’t yet. It would be similar to a Request For Proposals: the WG puts out a written proposal, and requests teams to come forward as candidates to build it.

I am going to share some initial ideas on what these topics would look like and I would love feedback and more ideas so we can generate longer RFPs:

Tools to encourage ENS usage as a social media/blog/website
We believe ENS is a key part of a future decentralized social media. Not as “yet another alternative social media” but rather a piece of a series of protocols that will help decentralize the internet. Some suggestions:

  • ENS + signed RSS: a tool that would turn a series of messages signed with a private key associated with ENS into an RSS feed of signed messages, so that the user only needed to update his ENS content field once
  • ENS + Markdown: a tool that would help a user create a Medium style website using the information from his profile, the signed RSS messages and/or a series of markdown files uploaded to IPFS
  • ENS for standard messaging protocol: a common protocol for ay EVM based apps that wants to offer chat functionality, allowing anyone to message an ENS name.

Tools for further integrating ENS with traditional internet

  • Allow cheaper method for owners of website to claim ENS names
  • Can the new scalability and wildcard features of ENS be used to allow a user claim an ENS name by just confirming an email?
  • Can we claim ENS for DNS subdomains?


  • What tools for governance would benefit ENS?

This is an excellent idea. RE governance tools, I’d like to see:

  • Discourse plugins for better integrating Snapshot and onchain voting:
    • Show active votes in the page header.
    • Link forum profiles with delegate accounts and show delegate info on user profile popups. Automatically generated flair/titles (top 10 delegate, participation rate, etc)
    • Allow snapshot votes to be generated from forum posts, or at least linked to from them in a visually coherent way
  • Better tools for tracking delegates and votes:
    • Combine snapshot and onchain voting in one view
    • Delegate profiles that include snapshot and onchain voting, as well as forum participation
    • Historical views of delegated vote power
    • Stats on the percentage of tokens that are delegated to an active delegate.
  • Better tools for making and executing proposals - at a minimum, a way to call ‘queue’ and ‘execute’ that doesn’t require manually composing transaction call data. Ideally, a complete suite for progressing a governance proposal from Draft → Snapshot → Onchain → Queue → Execute.
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Great idea!

I’ll bring further the point of view of .eth websites. While we are a subgroup under the ENS Ecosphere workgroup, I think plenty of the .eth websites topics are actually public goods.

Most common dream projects I saw mentioned in .eth websites community

  • Wix for .eth websites. The name says it all, right?

  • Personal website generator. Something that generates a “.eth profile page” from your ENS profile, but with some additional simple form for longer input (“introduce yourself”).

    There were already some efforts in this direction, like cardpunks.eth.

  • A blogging platform (you already mentioned it). We (Esteroids) actually work right now on an experiment of a .eth blogging platform with Markdown. I think we’ll be able to release it in 3-6 weeks, so we can see then if it can be supported as a public good.

  • An NFT gallery. Something like: that’s my wallet address → generate a .eth website gallery for all the NFTs I have on it.

    This idea was brought to us by Brantly a few months ago.

Technical challanges

  • comments in .eth websites!!! (don’t have enough exclamation marks to note how important this is for the .eth web). It’s completely unclear how should comments be done in .eth websites. This is crucial also for decentralized social media.

  • Browser integration. How should browsers support .eth websites without centralizing them? I wrote about it at length last year but I don’t think much changed since then. A good proposal for that is definitely a public good imo.

  • Revenue models for .eth gateways, like

  • Browser extensions for .eth websites. Something like Metamask for the dWeb.