[Temp Check] DAO treasury management

I started to design a dashboard a few months back. Is there an accessible Figma project file floating around anywhere?

I think it would probably be easier to create a dashboard using specific custom svg elements with classed, ID’ed and scripted accordingly.

Also another thought would be to build a simple dashboard displaying all the numbers but then have an exclusive electronJS desktop application where functionable elements could be implemented… i.,e. multi-sig plug-in and disbursement processor

@estmcmxci :ok_hand:

Given the DAO’s blackout period is coming soon, I think that might be the only viable option. @alisha.eth can confirm, but I think the DAO reopens on the 9th, which would be a good time to put this (and potentially other) proposals to a vote.

The blackout period is intended to give everyone a break from DAO-related activities.

Obviously, there is no way to stop someone from creating an on-chain vote during the blackout period, but this should ideally only occur if the vote is urgent or time sensitive.

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