[TEMP CHECK] ENS invalid name refund proposal

These refunds have been sent.

Six transactions containing a total of 2,963 operations.

We used this sheet from @matoken.eth to source the transactions :point_up_2: (Thank you Makoto!)

Here are the 6 hashes:

The following 7 addresses could not be included in the bulk send due to technical complications. We’ll be addressing these with individual remediations (feel free to contact me if you’re one of these 7):

Address Amount
0x98e6a64be8cc47531190c35256c7e3b6f3576949 0.002881603492
0x2a68e5bc6bb3ce0aaa24e5289d9190fe8f6ff5f4 0.03633295496
0x5213c258162baee45ac60ba1b18d1ef675df9f90 0.006198698175
0x741abeaa147948968f2541d660c0048a5be7292c 0.005616167812
0x2a59d61d2e8d58ce5ad76b2a2539c38efe737cb7 0.01009020747
0xd4416b13d2b3a9abae7acd5d6c2bbdbe25686401 0.01353371824
0x05a8aa0ed1e1bc598c23b415f67cd774b530546c 0.002588553187

(A big thank you to @gregskril for his help on this process as well)


There’s also some additional discussion of the refund methodology we chose to use this in this thread:

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According to Google Sheet, I should have received 0.055 Ethereum, but I only received 0.03 Ethereum.

@keywan_1901 - What’s the wallet address you’re inquiring about?


That wallet received exactly 0.03346028 Eth.
Exactly as the thread and calculations above predicted.

You can confirm by checking the sheet linked above. That wallet is on line 1513.

If you’re unclear on the reasoning or the execution, these two threads contain all the information about the refund discussion, strategy, and the algorithm used to calculate the refund amounts.