[Temp Check] Initiate a Dispute / Mediation Service

I am putting this idea out to potentially propose a blockchain-based domain dispute resolution system built on the Ethereum network.

A solution that allows complainants to initiate disputes by submitting relevant information. The process is to be known as a Dispute Resolution Service Provider (DRSP) will oversee and review complaints by individuals that are willing and able to comply with a resolution process for such conflicts of domain possession regarding trademarks, infringements and cases of squatting.

DRSP will be comprised of panelist to act as a third-party dispute specialist between participating parties as so long as each are willing to participate in a resolution workflow.

This system will offer transparency, efficiency, and security, with potential for customization to fit the specific requirements and policies of domain dispute resolution service provider.

Note: This is absolutely not any initiative to force any persons from ownership or to remove or transfer any domains from any persons to another. It can be viewed as an experiment in integrity of willing participants when there is a conflict.

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Since this would be an opt-in between users of ENS rather than involve the protocol or the DAO in doing something, couldn’t they just use an existing dispute resolution service such as Kleros Court?


In my experience, having participated in thousands of mediations, formal and informal, it is an excellent vehicle to bring parties together, if nothing more than give each side a chance to express themselves and better understand the other’s position. Generally, more than 90% of mediations result in a voluntary resolution that each party can live with in the first session, and those that don’t resolve in the first session, do so later. Seldom, do the parties not willingly resolve their issues, unless one or both sides are legitmately fixed in their posiiton or just being unreasonable in their demands. The biggest factor of success is a mediator’s skillset and understanding of the basic issues.


I would like to hear more interest or opinion on getting this going. maybe a dispute.ens.domains user facing page.

If this is done, then I prefer it to not be connected with ENS Domains.

I like that users can be connecting and having conversations,
and sites are free to implement allow/disallow lists, (via EFP or whatever),
but I do not like the encroachment of arbitration into-or-near the protocol systems.


i.e, third party service and not funded by ens?

This is not the topic of this thread:

…And switching the topic (to change what I said is poor form).


What I said was:

…and that:


YOUR suggestion was to
attach this “Dispute Resolution” [vector attack]
to the official “ENS Domains” public-facing website:


At this point I am just repeating myself:

Any “dispute resolution” or “Anti-abuse tools”
should remain separate-&-disconnected from, both,
1 . away from the ENS Protocol, and,
2 . away from official ENS Website(s).


Further, this idea is not new;
This is an extension & continuation of Encirca’s idea.
Encirca has a similar or same idea, years ago, of “anti-abuse mechanisms”,
which they had recently re-proposed (for ENS DAO streaming funds), here:


PS: Also, about these “dispute resolution” or “Anti-abuse tool” ideas,
[although I have reservations about adding our own vector attacks],
about these potentially dangerous systems-services, I had said:

I do not support adding these systems-services to the ENS Protocol or website.
I prefer it to not be connected [directly or implicitly] with official ENS Domains systems-services.

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I think my intention was more of a placeholder rather than directly attached to the ENS site. It kinda just came out that way as I was typing.

You are correct though a mediation shouldn’t be under the hood of any particular service that purveys the reason for the mediation or issue to be disputed. That in itself is clearly an unethical approach to any sort of rights or asset management resolution as conflict of interest would eventually cause havoc and tarnish face in the event of a disgruntled participant.

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