Text Records - opinions?

I imagine any ens domain to have its own “file” connected.
Ideally I would imagine a kind of json file containing a set of standard elements.
The Text Records introduced is interesting, but this is my feeling:

DESCRIPTION and NOTICE are redundant.

Long descriptions are a problem, so a basic standard is needed to point to a bigger container of informations.

TWITTER and GITHUB are private.

I can understand github, but twitter is a polarizer platform good for propaganda and announcements. Humanity should demolish it. In the end why not facebook if I plan to use facebook? So I think it should be more generic. If I want I add facebook, If I want I add twitter. How to add both? Can we add a list of links to the same field? or something like [[facebook: jack],[twitter:Jack]]

I expect some people to attach contracts to an ENS domain.
How to know there is a contract attached?
How to find the ABI of that contract?

I guess DESCRIPTION will never change.
Instead NOTICE (according to the example: “selling this name for $$$”) looks more like a temporary announcement.
So basically NOTICE is a mini-decentralized twitter integrated into Text Record.
Does it makes sense?
Aren’t text records more like metadata?

A standard external COMPLETE FILE with more informations could be on swarm or IPFS.
There should be a way to point to them easily. If a computer can recognize the DESCRIPTION is remotely stored, it can jump there and pull the file and show it automatically.

The DESCRIPTION filed could have rules.
A normal description is just a text.
A remote one could start with “remote:” and it is followed by a link to the remote container.
Or “swarm:” or “ipfs:”

The public resolver has a text field that is a (key,value) store, e.g.

$ ethereal --network=goerli ens text set --domain=testdomain001.eth --key="DESCRIPTION" --text="My domain" --wait
$ ethereal --network=goerli ens text get --domain=testdomain001.eth --key="DESCRIPTION"
My domain

It also has a contenthash field that can point to remote content; this is currently used by IPFS gateways, so for example:

$ ethereal --network=mainnet ens contenthash get --domain=www.wealdtech.eth

And there are gateways out there that will look up the contenthash, for example going to http://www.wealdtech.eth.link (adding .link to the .eth domain) will fetch and display the content as per the ENS contenthash.

Rules could be placed on top of text fields or content hashes, although having a one-size-fits all might be difficult and would be outside of the direct remit of ENS, in my opinion.

since it is already universal the solution could be to simply let the people use it and see what emerges

Last but not last, those keys should be dType entities, so in case we want a more open system where any key can be used,at least we follow a standard approach, and keys can refer not only to simple data but to complex types/contracts too

No-one is stopping you: have at it!