The auction is over, why didn't I get my domain name?

I won through the normal legal auction for faucet,proxy,livetv.eth,ebank.eth,dugou.eth,tvbet.eth,It’s been two days, why haven’t I got it yet?My account has enough weth, these domains are not expensive
ens team, answer me please?

Auction finalisation has been put on hold temporarily due to some issues with bidding:

My auction was completed long before the announcement of hold temporarily, I am the undisputed winner.

I’m in the same situation. Unfortunately, from what they have said, auctions that have already been won can be reopened. I hope it’s not like that finally.

Same situation and I would find it fair, if the ended names becomes finalized and handelt out to the legitimate winners. For the suspicious cases we can find other solutions. But to hold back all names from ended auctions is a bit harsh and imo not right, all above because some of the names from ended auctions were already given to the winners. Thanks