The ENS domain will expire, what should we do?


The ENS domain will expire, what should we do ?
continue to rent or other options?

If I have done set up a resolver address, or a subdomain , What effects will it have?
have a plan or an official announcement?



It will not “expire”. After one year, you’ll have the chance to get your deposited funds back by releasing the domain. After two years we expect that the ENS root will be updated and you’ll have the chance of updating it.


I mean one year is running out from May 2017. So, if I don’t want to releasing the domain, what do I need to do? I have to deposit funds again or will automatic renewal?


I feel fairly confident that I don’t have to do anything to renew until 2019, but not entirely sure…

I certainly would like some clear instructions on how to keep those ENS names that I spent no short amount of time registering.


You don’t need to do anything until after at least a year after a new registrar is deployed