Trouble Reclaiming ETH

Hi there,

I have bid on multiple ENS domains and got awarded the domain. We have never moved registrar and we have not touched the domains since 2017. I would like to reclaim my ETH and am connected to MetaMask. The moment MetaMask connects to '", the browsers turns white/blank and I cannot do anything. I have tried this in both FireFox and Chrome, with identical results.

Would anyone have any recommendation on how to approach this? You can replicate this error by pasting my ETH address in the “” search bar. My ETH address is:


Any solution would be appreciated.



Thank you for letting us know. We will take a look and will let you know once fixed

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Thanks for your efforts - and looking forward to the fix.

This same instance is happening to 1 of our wallets as well. Hopefully a remedy will be on the way soon.

Tracking this as I have the same issue here.

It’s fixed now.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you so much for the effective fix - we just reclaimed all of our deposited ETH! Excellent response and thanks again

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