Two domains, one airdrop

I own 2 ENS domains (since 2020 and earlier). When I claimed my tokens, I was only awarded based on 1 domain, even though both domains are connected to the same wallet. Any idea how to claim the 2nd domain?

If I read the airdrop doc correctly…

Importantly, the retroactive airdrop is per account, not per name . This means that each address is counted for a given day based on whether it owns at least one .ETH name on that day.

It’s per address and length of time per address.

So if you have 10 domains held on 10 different addresses for 1 year, each address would be eligible for 1 domain held for 1 year… if you have 10 domains held in 1 address for 1 year, that address would be eligible for 1 airdrop.

Thank you. When I claimed the token, it showed me which domains were taken into account. It mentions “Longest owned” domain and the one it shows is incorrect. My other domain has been held for much longer.

That section is fun facts. :wink:

Right. But it shows that the system thinks my oldest domain is X while my actual oldest domain is Y.

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There’s no way to verify above statement without defining X and Y.

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