Two quick tutorials about ENS DAO

Hello everyone! :wave:

I know people like simple ‘how to’ video tutorials so I thought let’s create some, why not, it’s only a couple minutes of work. So I had some free time and I created these 2 videos:

  1. How to delegate your ENS tokens
  2. How to become an ENS delegate

It might be helpful to share them as there are new people coming all the time and we should work on increasing governance and providing some easy educational materials on things like these.

I’ll most likely keep doing these (cos it’s fun and doesn’t take time at all) when I discover something that people are generally wondering about as I did for these two. I usually notice things during Twitter spaces.

If there is anything that you’ve seen a broader community wonders about how something works, or how to do something, or anything really, do let me know and I’ll make a video.

The next thing I thought I should do is record a video on how to create a profile here and give overall info on how to navigate this discussion forum and provide some tips and tricks.

Let me know your thoughts. :saluting_face:


Great thread. This is exactly what the large community needs. More educational material for token holders, as well as info for more involved participation for delegate candidates.