Unable to register sub-domain

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something…
My intention was to create a subdomain and populate the subdomain with contract and wallet addresses. For example, I would create the subdomain SUB.NAME.eth and then create additional subdomains like contract-v1.SUB.NAME.eth addr 0x1234, contract-v2.SUB.NAME.eth addr 0x5678, and so on.

But on rinkeby, I’m only able to regiester NAME.eth and create SUB.NAME.eth. When I create a subdomain contract-v1.SUB.NAME.eth, the tx completes, but the UI does not display the subdomain contract-v1, only a hash. And I’m still able to register contract-v1 as a subdomain of SUB.NAME.eth.

Am I doing something wrong? Any insight appreciated.

I registered my subdomain node as contract-v1, and yet the resulting label in the UI is 0x958a3f6893bda14c816224c92af40f2a74a343a707bdded26cbeae9cde718254. The link in the UI also points to 0x958a3f6893bda14c816224c92af40f2a74a343a707bdded26cbeae9cde718254.SUB.NAME.eth

SUB.NAME.eth subdomain UI

Perhaps this is what you’re running into? Why are some of my subdomains shown as a jumble of characters?

ENS names are stored as a hash on-chain so we have to decode the name using a list of possible names, and it shows in the hashed format if we don,t have it on our list. You can still access and manage the name if you search for the name directly in the search bar.

Have you tried going directly to your subdomain details page via the URL? https://app.ens.domains/name/contract-v1.SUB.NAME.eth/details

As for creating a subdomain, you must have sufficient ether in the wallet that you are using with the ENS App and a signing notification/confirmation that works with the app. In other words, for coinbase, I used a security key as my two-step-verification, but for the ENS App, I must select text messaging to my phone (after which I go through the process of re-registering my security keys). What serenae said is above my head on the technical stuff. What I found is to not to populate the boxes directly, even if you see the check mark. Rather click on add/edit record, click on the drop down menu of the type of record (addresses, content, or text), then click on the next drop menu for the type of item for each. Addresses has just the type of wallet’s coin address, content has you enter the content hash information, and text, gives you a list from which to choose from to insert the appropriate text. Then click save after each entry and it will populate the appropriate box below. You can fill out as many fields as you prefer, before confirming the transactions all at once. After the transaction(s) are completed, the information inputted will become part of the record for the particular domain or subdomain. I hope this helps.

Just tried your suggestion
Not only did it work, but now the UI shows contract-v1 on the subdomains page of SUB.NAME.eth.
Thanks for your help!