Understanding ENS domains

Hi everyone, I am not a tech person so please excuse me if my questions sound silly, I wish you help me understand this:

  • I find ENS domains cool, nice to tell an easy name and brand your wallet but, what I found cool about public keys is that you can create how many you want, they are anonymous, etc so I wonder why someone would like to create a “branded” wallet that can be very trackable so loosing lot of privacy. Especially for the people buying 3-4 letters domains. So have some questions:
    a) you can link to a single ENS domain many other sub wallets/public keys?
    b) can you change the wallet linked to it?
    c) if you sell the domain it cut immediately the relation with the wallets linked or you need do that?
    d) an ENS domain will be also a real domain so you can build a website on it?
    e) what are the real uses and reasons a person should use an ENS domain?
    f) you think they will become the standard?
    g) will it be possible that in the future they will have more regulation than other normal wallet like MEW? maybe obliging to link it to an identity?

Thanks for helping