Unicode name became malformed

Recently I checked etherscan and my ens name (▚▚▚▚▘.eth) stopped showing up! I’m curious to understand how it became malformed and if anything can be done to fix it.

Thanks for the help!

See here: https://adraffy.github.io/ens-normalize.js/test/resolver.html#▚▚▚▚▘.eth

It’s invalid because that character is not allowed per the ENS normalization standard.

Looks like you registered that almost a year ago, so it may be on the list for refunds due to the normalization library changes: [TEMP CHECK] ENS invalid name refund proposal

Thanks for your quick reply.

Sad that my name got rugged by an update but refunding these names is noble. The tool you sent will be helpful so my future Unicode names aren’t disallowed.

Can i use an ens owned by my other address to resolve to this one? Do I need to remove the broken ens somehow?