"Verified owner" addresses cross-chain?

Hey all-

I’d like to be able to find a way to trust that someone has control of an address across multiple chains. An identity token seems to be the sane way to do that in a unified manner- possibly via ENS.

Let’s say I want to reward someone for doing something with their Bitcoin by giving them access to something on Ethereum. Example: They “login with Ethereum”/connect their wallet with an ENS token in it- I look at their Bitcoin address, see they transferred Bitcoin to a specific wallet, and now I want to allow them to mint an NFT on Ethereum. If I could verify that they are in fact in control of their bitcoin address, and their Ethereum address, I could do something like this.

You “prove” ownership of your wallet with the ENS token simply by being able to sign, but anyone can put any Bitcoin address or Solana address in their text records- so we can’t trust that they actually control them.

Anyway, just thought I’d bounce it off people here to see if anyone else sees value in “verified” cross chain addresses, etc. Or please let me know if there is some other way initiative to do this.

they can prove ownership by adding their bitcoin address to their ENS profile. That would store it on-chain, and if they put a bitcoin address in their profile they do not own, thats their fault and future payments would go to a bitcoin address they do not own.

No need for any further tokenization or proofs, in my opinion.

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Yeah, people can put anything they want there- but it doesn’t prove ownership. I was thinking of a scenario where you could “verify” that you own the address on another chain somehow, and that could be represented in the addresses metadata. I’d be curious to know if there is already some mechanism to verify ownership of addresses too. What if, for instance, you wanted to allow people who own an NFT on Solana to mint something on Ethereum or an L2? You would only want to allow that if they are able to verify they own the Solana address. Just an idea, I’m also wondering if there are currently any solutions that bundle cross-chain identity and verification like this? ENS seems like a possible candidate.

you could ask them to sign a message using their private key on the other chain.

I am not sure if this solves your problem exactly, but I think conceptually this is what you are referring to?
That would be ZK-Attestations. If you have not seen it, you can check out Sismo.io An entity keeps a private address private for privacy reasons.