Vote for ENS Small Grants - Metopia

Metopia is building a non-transferable badge protocol for communities and contributors. It is also a platform which empowers non-financialized governance and reasonable incentive system based on contributors on-chain reputation with badges.

  • Governance & Voting. Based on non-transferable badge protocol, Metopia offers communities a platform for them to conduct governance. Metopia will provide holders of ENS with a variety of governance strategies, according to the number of holdings, holding period and other parameters.
  • Reputation. Metopia’s infrastructural component is the reputation system that aggregates user data from data protocols and user contribution from third-parties they involved to enable on-chain reputation.
  • Incentive. Metopia provides a full-lifecycle reward system flow for projects and communities to implement.
  • Social. ENS is also part of Metopia’s social function support.

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Pls vote for Metopia: ENS Small Grants. Thanks for your support!

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