War of Russia against Ukraine

Dear ENS community, I propose to consider the possibility of financial assistance to all our community members from Ukraine who are suffering from the war with Russia, by allocating ENS to them, as a humanitarian aid from the community.


Hope you and your family are safe Ringoo. While I support your idea, I imagine it being extremely difficult to implement, especially making sure that the funds are in fact reaching ENS community (or Ukrainians in general) and not being gamed by bad actors since you are requesting almost a B2P donation. Some members of ENS community did contribute to the Gitcoin Fund toward Ukraine during GR13 but it wasn’t a direct donation to the community of course.

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Dear inplco - thank you for your comment. (And also a big thank you for helping me earlier!!!).
My daughter is in Europe (safe), and my wife and youngest son and I are in Ukraine.
I don’t know how to do this either, which is why I posted it for the community to discuss. In any case, thanks! /maybe there will be a 2nd distribution of ENS tokens in the near future, we’ll see, time will tell).
With respect to you!

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I can only think of one axes on which it can work. ENS DAO will likely only pass a proposal if there is a way to authenticate the recipients. There are several ways to do this, ranging from privacy-invasive KYC-like checks, or some other less intrusive methods, perhaps using Proof of Humanity. I am sure that ENS will not get into any process that involves handling of KYC-like data because that comes with massive legal overhead risk. I am now wondering if there is a way to leverage Proof of Humanity or similar protocols to “airtag” Ukrainians. I know @AvsA who is a member of PoH DAO. Perhaps he can shed some light on this. I am curious if such a workstream could be invented where DAOs can make validated B2P donations.


I don’t think there’s a crypto-way that is better than reaching to NGOs in the area. What I would do is ask ukranians what NGOs they see that are making a direct impact in their lives. PoH is great but its UBI is very small and we don’t collect data about your region in the world.

Millions of dollars in crypto have been donated to ukranian funds: however it seems that most of these are going to war efforts, like buying protective equipment or cars.

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NGO - what is it?

Non governmental organization. Non profit groups.

So let’s create such an organization, under the auspices of ENS DAO.

My point is that there are many such organizations already on the ground. It’s better do identify which ones are doing a good job and donating to them directly.


I live in Odessa, there are a lot of people here who have lost doses because of the war, constant rocket bombardments, many refugees from Nikolaev, Kherson, Mariupol, etc. Therefore, if such funds exist, they are not enough. You can open another one, under the auspices of ENS, and call it that. I myself am a lawyer by education.