Web3 excitement awaits us

Many people may have come here for the prize. But guys, 20 years ago, everyone would have an Android phone in their hands, and if we were to talk about its functions, everyone would say crazy. We are currently on a platform created for web3. Thank you to everyone who helped with this. However, it is necessary to develop web3 technology not only for games or casinos, but also for social platforms and offer an alternative to companies such as Facebook, Twitter, youtube. If I hadn’t read and researched today, I wouldn’t be here. How many of the world’s population can read the developments. I am an ignorant person. Web3 should benefit me and those like me. Then these actions will gain real significance. Thank you everyone, I wish you a good day.

I’m so sick of canned answers. How come there are some people who can agree with everything and say that it is very beautiful without comments. You can accept, but not without comment. Maybe this is the future of humanity. It’s not a simple matter.

@Nedstark I think you are being a little harsh with a broad brush, because people have different motives and ways of interacting with others. Yes, there are people who agree without comment so that they can validate to themselves that they are part of the group or they, mistakenly, feel obliged to answer in the affirmative because of the airdrop’s benefits. I like to call these people “Sheep”. Feed them and they blindly follow, obey, and comply. There are the genuine supporters who, truly, can’t articulate a point better that the person to which they agree. Lastly, there are the vocals who either agree or disagree, even partly, and are not afraid to comment on their position. But it should be noted that the Sheep have played a critical role simply by their participation in ENS and do not deserve to be denigrated, so be kind and understanding, because their numbers have contributed to ENS’s success to date and foundation for the future.

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@Nedstark Hi, i have seen a few social decentralized apps prepared for web 3 like dscvr by dfinity.

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Professionals in the ens community should follow and develop this. The goal should be success, not making money. If you are successful, the money will come. Like I said, I don’t know anyone here. This community may even be an example for states. Today web3 succeeds. Tomorrow this style of all problems will be solved by people gathered from all over the world. This is a very beautiful thing. I wish success to the project developer staff.