What is the start date for instant registrations?

I read Brantly’s recent article on Medium which was really informative. The one thing I’m unclear on is the exact date that 5 and 6 character names will revert to instant registration. He says:

After the auction is completed, all remaining 3–6 character .ETH names will become available for instant registration, as +7 character .ETH names already are.

When he says “after the auction is completed” which one is he referring to? There are different end dates depending on the length of the name:

5 and 6 character names end after 4 weeks
4 character names end after 5 weeks
3 character names end after 6 weeks

Do they ALL become available for instant registration on the same date? Or after their respective auctions have ended?


They’ll all become available after all of the short name auctions are complete.

Thanks mate