What should I do to make my .eth domain permanent?

Hi. I recently acquired my .eth domain by auction

I have read that the domains are not permanent, but I can not find information on how to make it permanent.

Can you explain to me what I have to do to make it my permanent domain?

Thank you.

Hi, can you point to the source you read? Permanent can mean two different things.

If you have heard something about “Permanent registrar”, the current auction system is temporary and we are going to migrate to new (permanent ) registrar on 4th May 2019. All the existing name holders have to migrate within one year after the transition. For people who recently migrated have to wait at least 28 days to be eligible. Please read the following for more information.


The second possibility of “permanent” could mean that any subdomains you make under your domain could be changed by the parent domain (= you the name owner). To make it unchangeable, it is possible to change the owner of your name to either smart contract or 0x (which we don’t recommend) so that parent owner cannot reset.

Thank you makoto

I have been reading and I have it more clear but now I have another question. Can .com domain owners claim their domain.eth even if it has been registered by someone else?

No for normal registration (it will be first come first served). For short name auction (3~6 char) you can reserve the name given you “own” the domain (to prove that you have to put your ETH address into DNS record)

More detail about the reservation process is here.