What's up for ENS DAO

We are a group of cryptocurrency organizations from China. We registered several .ETH domain names before October 31. The purpose is to develop better in the WEB3.0 world. We learned about the ENS DAO project yesterday. As us The representative of the community submitted a DAO application on the forum. Since the snapshot has been submitted, we are more eager to get the affirmation of DAO members to allow me to represent and lead our community to join ENS DAO. Our goal is not to receive free airdrop profits, but to create a singularity in the world of WEB3.0 with this group of people with consensus and ability, so I still insist on applying to become a member of ENS DAO.
Our community members will donate all the airdrops they receive for the development of the project team and the public welfare feedback of our offline rare disease protection organizations and endangered marine, animal and plant protection organizations.

We are a true member of cryptocurrency, and we have been using DAO to govern areas within our power all over the world. Blockchain is the future, and ENS DAO is the lucky one in the future world. We have a lot to promote society. For progressive projects, we will not promote ourselves here like advertisers, but stay in ambush for a long time here to find more members with consensus.

I am 0420.ETH
If our community members can receive the airdrop, we will use the funds to purchase 420.ETH to promote the development of our project team’s current WEB3.0 project, and I will follow the forum for a long time until our community can become a part of ENS DAO. Elements.
Here I invite every member to drink a glass of wine and a cigarette
(Of course, if members can find our offline club, we will warmly invite you to play, because we will be the first NFT CLUB in China)
Love & Peace.