When do shorter names convert to "Buy Now"?

I’ve been away for a few weeks, but was half expecting that shorter names would by now have moved out of the auction phase and converted to “Buy Now” (like longer names have been for a while).

Is there any news as to when the ENS Controller contract will be deployed to make that happen?


As soon as the one-time auctions for short names end, which is early November.

What will happen with auctions which will be still running in that moment?

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Can you be a bit more specific? Is this moment known?

4th of november at midnight (UTC). Is that correct?

It is not known with that attitude when the auctions will end because they can last a week as it has happened with those of 5 and 6 characters and it is not known if they will activate the instant registration immediately or several days later

To enable instant purchase of shorter names, we need to deploy a new version of the registrar controller. We aim to do that after all the auctions have concluded, but the exact timing will depend on when we get enough signatures from the root multisig to approve the transaction.

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The acuctions finished yesterday. When able buy now?

Please see my previous reply for details.

You can register short names from http://app.ens.domains/ now