When does year start

hey guys, im a bit confused here with transfer from old registry to new registry, once you authorise transformation, you ENS become etc token, but here is the question, it says for a year, so when does year start? does it start from the point where you made the transformation or is it fixed and already started when launch of new system commenced.

“All names from the old registrar that are not migrated to the new registrar by May 4th, 2020 will be automatically released for anyone to register again.
To migrate, we recommend using our official ENS Manager app. When you migrate, you will get your previous registration deposit back and your first year of rent for free. After that first year, you will need to pay USD$5/year in ETH to keep the name. You can pay ahead if you’d like; so, e.g., for $50 you can register your name for 10 years.” this is quote from original post -

your first year of rent for free - when does year start? when you migrate? you from 4th of may?

The first year is from May 5th 2019 to May 4th 2020 (it’s actually a day short due to the leap year) so you will get whatever part of that year remains when you migrate.

thank you for that clarification