Who is doing OPENSEA's classification work? I recommend listing the 10K collections in ENS names as a separate collection

Why do this, we all know that ENS is the earliest NFT, but it has not been popular, it has been surpassed by the rest of the NFTs, I analyzed the reason 1: It is very difficult to find names that people like, and the classification is terrible
2: Design pictures are monotonous and boring. Although you can make them yourself, people generally have a low design level. For this, I suggest the community to design an optional gallery, at least to be a high design level.
3: At present, the action news of 10K CLUB has spread all over China. We need to add fire and list 10K as a rare catalogue, and imitate BAYC and other collections to give high-level design and numbering. Imagine if the number of BAYC people is .eth, then ENS is equal to the BAYC community in disguise, which is likely to make ENS the largest NFT collection in history, and we have to do it because we are one of the earliest NFT collections
4:This is just one of the collections, as an innovative collection, if the next response is good, you can add a 3-letter rare combination, then will there be super giants to form their CLUB??? We have accepted another community, so it can be developed There are so many directions, we will be the general center of all communities?
5:I’m so excited I’d come up with this idea, this approach is so second, it’s a win-win opportunity, if the first new set is born, plus the current high rise, people’s sentiment, countless news retweets, soon Our number of registrations will exceed 1 million, or even 2 million, which is a sea change

We don’t want to be abandoned by the times, please take adding new collections seriously! Marketing related or not, this is the only way to bring the ENS community into the spotlight and be the first NFT

It’s time for some innovation. If BAYC people come to the community as expected, it will increase the motivation of the team, because you will have pressure, we will change, otherwise, we will continue to remain unknown before.


yes ,I think this suggestion is very good

Wrapped series usually do not have better performance, ENS is an NFT series, but a separate list or tag application is necessary for OS filter.

This benefits ENS and the DAO, so I think we should create digit-demand projects.