Yearly Renewal for Subdomains

Alice owns coolwallet.eth. She wants to sell subdomains such as john.coolwallet.eth. Alice knows she can set a price on ENSNow to first register the subdomain, but can she charge users a yearly renewal fee/rent to discourage squatting and earn income on her top-level domain?

Is there a way to configure a yearly renewal fee for subdomains, similar to what we see in top-level .eth domains? Would Alice be able to set this price and collect these renewal fees, and if she did would it automatically deduct from the users wallet in a years time (is that how it works for the top-level domains?)? Would ENSnow or the ENS team take fees on this or will Alice collect it all? Thank you.

The interface ENSNow uses supports yearly fees, but the actual implementation doesn’t. You could certainly write an alternate version of the contract that supports this, and the UI would support it easily. The way it’s designed to work, users would prepay as long a duration as they want - it wouldn’t automatically deduct funds for renewals.

We didn’t implement this because we figure most users who just want a quick subdomain don’t want to have to deal with remembering to renew it yearly - subdomains are intended to be a very easy ‘fire and forget’ option for people who just want to name their wallets.