10K CLUB is working hard, please give the 10K community airdrop, this is a reward!

   Had to do this, because 10K drove a large number of people into ENS, and they contributed greatly! Reward for any reason
  Before this we hardly saw any leaders in the ENS community, now they have emerged, this is an opportunity, there are many APYC holders in the 10K CLUB, which brings great liquidity to ENS, so it is hoped to manage The tier can give each person a certain reward in the 10K community, even if it is a registration fee, this is a worthwhile thing to do, it will make the mood higher, more people join ENS, and WEB3 will have more influence in the future
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This is a good opportunity, if it does, there will be 100K CLUB for imitators in the future,
letter CLUB, our community will be bigger and more emotional, when people have .eth ID, they won’t go back and think about the rest of .NFT, .SOL, etc.

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