1W3 ENS Buildathon Competition: Build, Win, and Transform the Decentralized Web!

The 1W3 ENS Buildathon is here, inviting creators and innovators to shape the future of the decentralized web. This competition challenges participants to build groundbreaking decentralized ENS websites using the powerful 1W3 platform.

We got some exiting prizes for builathon winners

1st Place: $200 + @ENSMaxisNFT!:1st_place_medal:
2nd Place: $100 + ENS Maxi NFT !:2nd_place_medal:
3rd Place: $100 + ENS Maxi NFT !:3rd_place_medal:
4th Place: ENS Maxi NFT !:reminder_ribbon:
5th Place: ENS Maxi NFT !:reminder_ribbon:

We are privileged to have a distinguished panel of seven judges from the ENS community who will be responsible for evaluating the submissions and selecting the winners. Their expertise and impartiality will play a pivotal role in ensuring a fair and competitive Buildathon. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of them for their invaluable contribution to this event.

Judge #1

:star2:Introducing our Esteemed Judge! !:star2:
We’re thrilled to have @dr3a.eth on board as a Judge for the 1W3 ENS Buildathon! She brings a wealth of experience. Her insights will be invaluable in recognizing the outstanding creations of our participants. Welcome,@dr3a_eth


Judge #2

We’re thrilled to have @cerealsabre from @ethlimo.eth on board as judge for the 1W3 ENS Buildathon! He is co-founder and Architect of @eth_limo, He brings a wealth of Technical experience. His insights will be invaluable in recognizing the outstanding creations of our participants. Welcome,@cerealsabre
Team 1W3 appreciates all your efforts to bring us a seamless experience in browsing ENS websites.

Judge #3

A Warm Welcome to @evanmoyer.eth - Our New Community Manager at @ensdomains!
We’re thrilled to have Evan on board, bringing a wealth of expertise and a passion for decentralized identity to the ENS community. His dedication will undoubtedly contribute to an even more vibrant and thriving ecosystem. Welcome, Evan!:star2:

Judge #4

A Hearty Welcome to @zadok7 !

We’re delighted to have Zadok7 join us as a Judge for Buildathon #1, bringing with him a wealth of experience and insights from his time at ENS Labs. His expertise will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to our community. Welcome aboard, @realZadok7!

Judge #5

A Warm Welcome to buildathon Judge @garypalmerjr !
Founder of http://Web3Domains.com, #ENS Delegate, BAYC 3636. We’re thrilled to have you join us, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in the Web3 space. Your contributions will undoubtedly shape the future of decentralized identity. Welcome, @garypalmerjr!

Judge #6

A Grand Welcome to @ENSPunks.eth !

A true ENS punk and the visionary founder of searchd.eth.limo, the pioneering ENS search engine. Your contributions to the decentralized web are both innovative and invaluable. We’re honored to have you as a part of our community. Welcome, @ENSpunks!

Judge #7

A Big Welcome Mr. Wonderful @FlexterEth
As the Event Coordinator/ENS SHARK TANK at @ENSMaxisNFT, he bring a wealth of expertise and a touch of Mr.Wonderful charm to our community. We’re excited to have him as a judge, let’s shape the future of the decentralized web. Welcome, Flexter.eth!

How to Participate: To join the competition, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Task Shared in QuestN.

    • Follow the instructions provided in the QuestN platform.
    • Ensure all elements of the task are addressed thoroughly.
  2. Build a Decentralized Website with 1W3.

    • Utilize the 1W3 platform to create a decentralized website.
    • Showcase your creativity and design skills.
    • Ensure the website is functional and well-structured.
  3. Connect your ENS Domain from 1W3.
    connect to an ENS domain from 1W3 platform

  4. Add the ENS Website to your Twitter Bio Link.

    • Update your Twitter profile with a link to the decentralized website you’ve created.
    • Make sure the link directs users to the correct page.
  5. Submit your website at https://submit.1w3.eth.limo.

Let’s spread the word and inspire every ENS holder to create a decentralized website for their domain!


Very excited for this! :star_struck:
@hidayath.eth we appreciate your hard work and dedication to the dWeb! :handshake:

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These “no code” coding-contests are VERY cool! Well done on this setup and thought process!


Agreed that this approach is well done ! Looking forward to seeing some beautiful 1W3 profiles.