3 digit ens name expiration of 1 month glitch

Hey guys so I purchased 2 different 3 digit letter ens names, the registration says May 2nd 2022 and expirations for both is May 31st 2022. Am I missing something or is this a glitch and can it be fixed? Really don’t want to spend $640 extension for names that I would’ve had for a month. If I’m overlooking something than so be it. Names are nsm.eth and zmx.eth, please help

No, it seems correct. The names were registered only for a month and then sold to you. You have to extend its life by yourself past the initial 30-day registration period. It is possible to register the names for less than an year; I didn’t know this until recently either

Oh wow thanks for the info, is it also possible to extend for just a few months or only by the year?

You can extend it for any period by adding a decimal in the UI. Where it says ‘1 year’, shove a decimal in front of it and you are set

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wow thanks for your help

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