$30 to Register a Single Domain?

Definitely need to figure this out…
$30 to register a single domain for one year is a joke.
Someone should find a way to adopt XRP for payments,
or some other way to eliminate the gas fee;
its 5X the registration fees, so lame

The part of the third step costing so much is to bundle three transactions (register, set resolver, set record) into one transaction. Renewal will cost a lot lower, or you can register with multiple years if you don’t want to pay any extra gas every year.

We have pending task to add gas estimate on UI before the registration to manage your expectation.

Thanks Makoto,

The FEE is great, like $5 for a basic domain, it’s great, it’s the gas fees that kill it. Got to ba a way around that I have a few hundred domains to buy.

UI to set accurate expectations is always central to the success/ mass adoption of anything, good to hear.

Yeah, just deployed a change to show gas price more explicitly.

Hope this makes it clearer.

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The gas fee to renew one domain for one year is $66.52. This is insane. No-one other than an ardent fanatic will use ENS domain name. This is completely unworkable in the real world.

For now. The only suggestion I can make is to renew multiple years so that you don’t have to pay it every year.