3bra.com - Social Profiles for ENS

Note: Planning to launch 3bra Tuesday 10/11, so please don’t share outside the forums until then!

Sup bras!? I’m pleased to introduce you to 3bra, social profiles for ENS! View your profile at:



The first thing you’ll notice are the colors! The colors are unique to your Ethereum address. I discovered that ETH addresses and hexedicimal colors share the same name space (base16: 0-x & a-f), so I created an algorithm to visually display ETH addresses as colorful stripes! You can learn more about stripes here.

The Name

Speaking of stripes, zebras have stripes, and this is my first Web3 project, so: stripes = zebra + web3 = 3bra Get it? And it’s just luck that no crypto projects have claimed the :zebra: emoji yet.

ENS (.eth) Profiles

ENS was the first web3 project that really made sense to me. Create/control your name (and metadata) and take it with you everywhere on the internet (or the metaverse?). One namespace to rule them all. This is BIG.

So just for fun I combined stripes with the the contents of your ENS TXT records to create a social profile. But what else could I put on there?

The Feed

Seemed like a cool idea to see what your ETH address has been up to lately, so it pulls your recent transaction history and tries to make it a bit more human readable. Lots can be done to improve the feed and make transactions more readable, but it’s off to a good start. Hoping to do more with NFTs too.

:bulb: And then I had a lightbulb moment… If you include your Twitter handle on your ENS domain, it could display your tweets too! Now we’ve got an aggregated feed. Anyone remember FriendFeed!? Lots more stuff we can pull in here, all determined by your ENS TXT records.

Point Your ENS At 3bra

Seeing your .eth at the top of dapps and within Etherscan is cool, but I couldn’t believe you couldn’t point your ENS domain at anything! At least that’s what I thought… Until I discovered the Content Hash field.

For those who don’t know, unlike a dot com, you can’t point your ENS domain at a server. But you can point your ENS domain at a file on IPFS! Great… I’ve heard of that, but I had no idea how to use it… So I figured it out, and built 3bra so you can point your ENS domain at your profile! Simple set your content field to:


Now, if you pull up your ENS in a supported browser, it will dynamically detect your ENS domain and display your profile! This is the part I’m most excited about, and the part that everyone I’ve shown cares about the least :sweat_smile: For example, in Opera or Brave desktop browsers you can visit my profile at:


Imagine someday we could dump 3bra.com completely? And everyone’s .eth profile just link to one another over IPFS. A social network with no domain name. Pretty epic. Long long way to go before 3bra is “decentralized”, but maybe someday it’ll get there.

Follow Along

This isn’t a company or a DAO. There’s no team. It’s just me. Tinkering, learning, and having fun buidling. I hope you’ll follow along as there’s a lot left to buidl. Follow @0x3bra on Twitter or join the 3bra GM community for support, ideas and feedback.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


Welcome @gerbz.eth !


Cool idea… didn’t know the colored stripes correlated to the ETH Address! Overall a pretty neat concept and project. Inspired it’s your first web3 project and you built on ENS even :partying_face:. Thanks for sharing.


Welcome! cool project!

Did you think of letting people put those profiles on a .eth website? Like nimi.eth.limo do?


Thanks Neiman ~ and yes. Anyone can set their 3bra profile as their .eth website by using this ipns key in their Content Hash:

Slightly different than Nimi, every users hash is the same. 3bra detects the ENS domain and buidls the profile. Here’s a few examples:


This is a good project to present at a weekly ecosystem call.

The meetings are on a brief pause for Devcon, but will resume week of oct 17th.


It’d be an honor to present on the 17th - keep me posted!

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I see! There was a project called CardPunks (https://cardpunks.eth.limo/) that does the same thing. I think it’s not maintained anymore. Anyhow, just pay attention that in this case, the websites atm don’t work for people who don’t use gateways (like people who surf the .eth web with Brave).

These things could be enhanced later obviously, and what you did here is great.


Oh wow ~ this is cool. I just loaded up the creator’s cardpunk and it seems to work both with a gateway and without: