[4.4.1] [Social] Funding Request: ENS Ecosystem Working Group

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Author slobo.eth

ENS Ecosystem Working Group Funding Request


The ENS Ecosystem Working Group requests funding of 409,000 USDC to support operations until the March 2024 funding window. This is the only funding request of this term.

The ENS Ecosystem Working Group is responsible for growing and improving the ENS Ecosystem by funding builders and projects that are ENS-specific or ENS-centric.

This social proposal is submitted to satisfy the requirements set out in Rule 10.1.1 of the Working Group Rules (EP 1.8). If this proposal is passed, the funding request will be included in a collective executable proposal put forward by all three Working Groups.


ENS Ecosystem Main Multisig 409,000


ENS Ecosystem Multisig Balances - As of October 18, 2023

The ENS Ecosystem Working Group multisigs:

Multisigs USDC ETH
Main Multisig 215k 157
Builder Grants 157k 38
Grants 141k 3
IRL 21k 9
Hackathon 68k 19
Support 74k 19
Bug Bounty 14k 0
Merch 39k 4
Newsletter 14k 0
Total1 741k 249

1Amounts do not foot due to rounding (739k vs. 741)

Reserved for Initiatives

Ecosystem reserves amounts to make sure we can cover initiatives that are important. Reserving is not the same as spending it. For example, we are reserving 250k for the bug bounty program. The actual spend will depend on what, if any, bugs are discovered.

Initiatives USDC ETH
Grants 300k 115
Bug Bounty 250k 0
Hackathon 150k 50
Audit Support 100k 0
IRL 75k 0
Newsletter 25k 0
Reserved Total 900k 165


Initiatives USDC ETH
Current Balance 741k 249
Reserved (900k) (165)
Buffer (250k) (50)
Total (409k) 34

As result, Ecosystem WG is requesting 409,000 in USDC and zero ETH. This request ensures that there are sufficient resources to meet the expected future needs of the working group.

Grants Breakdown

eth.limo1 85k 10
ensgrants.xyz 0.0 55
Fellowship 60k 0
Discretionary 155k 50
Total 300k 115

1 Expected to be paid in Q1 2024.

Initiatives Description

Initiative Description
Grants Grants support ens small grants funding, builders such as eth.limo, unruggable, library support, and other builder centric bounties
Bug Bounty Supports the official bug bounty program of ENS – soon to be managed by immunifi.
Hackathons Sponsorship costs and prize money for hackathons and conferences
Support Support mods for social platforms, technical and non-technical educational and archival content
IRL Funding In Real Life events that coincide with the existing Ethereum event schedule
Merch Subsidizing the cost of creating and shipping physical ENS merchandise including shirts, hats, and pins
ENS Fellowship Supports exceptional developers actively creating and contributing to the ENS ecosystem with a 6 month Fellowship

This proposal was prepared by slobo.eth, lead steward of the ENS Ecosystem Working Group.

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The initiatives seem fine, and the funding requested does not stand out as extreme, though not small. Will vote for