$6666 gas fee to register an ENS is too high?

What is the general gas fee to register an ENS?

I tried to register for an ENS domain, and I got to step 3,
I click on ‘register’ and my metamask wallet re-open. It shows that the domain cost $5 but the gas fee cost $6666.

When I tried to change my gas limit to 21000, it failed saying I’m out of gas, But in the estimate, it was still supposed to be an acceptable amount. I up my gas limit to 24000. Same thing happened. So, I’m down by more than $10 for gas fees and with no domain.

This don’t seem right. And I noticed that when I tried to make the transfer, there is a “REGISTER WITH CONFIG” on the wallet. What does that mean?

I still want to register for the domain, but $6666 is simply too much for a domain. What is the general price that one pays? My friend said he only paid $5 for domain and $12 for gas fee. What am I doing wrong? Is this a metamask problem or an ENS problem? I still have 6 days to figure out and make the payment.

Hi @lemms and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What you ran into is a bug in metamask where if you don’t have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the gas cost, it’ll show a greatly exaggerated gas fee for the transaction.

The reason you ran out of gas is because 21k gas is far too little for a Step 3 transaction (that’s the Register with Config transaction you saw)

If you join the ENS Discord at https://chat.ens.domains and create a support ticket in the #create-a-ticket channel we’ll help you sort out your name registration, and in the meantime please don’t clear your browser cache as Step 1 stores a secret key there.



Gas fees do fluctuate throughout the day and week. There are ways to set the maximum amount of gas fees that you are willing to pay, but it is easy to skip the screen. Before you Confirm to Pay, there is a screen that gives the miner’s fee but there is a gear icon (utilities) that when you click on it will reveal your gas fee options: Slow, Normal, Fast, and Custom. The fees are constantly updated. Custom will allow you to set the maximum amount, but if the Gwei is low, it may take some time or, if too low, may eventually fail.

There are a number of sites that track gas fees, including ENS Discord. Here is Etherscan.io, which also has an historical chart to give you an idea if your Gwei is too low for current conditions:

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Yup @Cthulu.eth is right and I found that out in decentraland when I went to buy 5 coins and it was like 5000 bucks , just means you don’t have enough eth. I don’t have a lot of dough so I did the first transaction which was like 40 bucks and then waited a few days and kept hitting refresh at night until it was like another hundred , lastly I did the reverse register and that was only 60 so I paid a little over 200$ and it was worth every dolla Gwei or peso it was . Sometimes I just open my MetaMask to stare at my .eth haha


might be a naive question but—Why can’t there be one transaction ? This confuses many people and leaves uncertainty on how much they will be required to spend. Especially for those on a strict budget.


Thanks @Cthulu.eth for your feedback. I’ve managed to complete the purchase, $5 for the domain and $69 for gas fee, and $30 to make domain primary.

With the current eth gas fee (no fault of ENS!), I’m not sure how eth can be viable in the long run. Even if I want to use ENS manager to add in other blockchains, there is a gas fee as well, it seems. Hope 2.0 can help !

Now, to see what else I can do with this domain… …