A second Snapshot needs to happen 2.0

A second snap shot needs to happen. Gonna keep beating this drum till it happens. It can happen if you say it can’t when you reply you are wrong and need to educate yourself. Thank you.

Can you further explain your proposal and how it aligns with the ENS DAO constitution?


It aligns with Article 3 of the Constitution of the DAO. The income that has mainly been generated by the masses of people registering the ens domains over the past year to six months. Even in the lows of eth/nfts As whole. I am not speaking from a point of just myself. The hundreds of clubs from the 999 club to the anime clubs of ens Domains to so many more who are pushing ens domains awareness out of a discussion board to more mainstream areas. ENS governance should put it up to a vote and bring it up in the next Twitter monthly spaces. Web3 in a whole has been down minus the ENS community because it’s more than jpegs a second snapshot would NOT hurt the DAO. It will help the ENS community going forward. The last Snapshot sent ens domains awareness up like a rocket. A second snapshot would do much more to help push the goals of ENS in a whole.

This would not be funding the development or improvement of the ENS system directly right? So I assume you’re talking about the other bit that says that funds may be used to fund other public goods within web3, right?

What public good would be funded here?

Also, I think you need to expand on what you mean by “snapshot”. Without a clear idea of what that means, it’s hard to answer any of the other questions. Any such future airdrop would need to be discussed and agreed/voted upon by the DAO members well in advance, meaning that it opens farming possibilities, and anything that can be exploited will be.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. For some reason it feels as if the delegates now not all but some are opposed but it’s not their call. Put it up for a vote as you’ve said in your reply. So I don’t see what the issue is. It’s seems like certain people in the discussion board like to rebuttal. Like when I said the ens DAO needs to be audited by a 3rd outside party. Some replied back why it’s all on chain. Like it’s up to us to know who on the blockchain each person is. All I am saying PUT IT VOTE.

No, unfortunately I don’t, you will need to define what you mean by “snapshot” or this is a non-starter.

There will never be another surprise airdrop in the same fashion as the first one, because of the reasons I outlined above. Any possible future airdrop will have different circumstances and different eligibility requirements. Maybe it’s not even a block-height “snapshot”, maybe it’s something else, I don’t know. These are the sorts of things you need to flesh out in your proposal first.

There’s nothing to “put to vote” until you can articulate the actual proposal you want people to vote on, agreed?