Recently, ENS registration ushered in the crazy growth, but there are many friends found that many names are only registered for about a month, especially those 3-character names. Let’s take a look at what happens if these temporary registrations expire:

  1. Go through a short normal period, say 28 days
  2. There will be a 90-day grace period first
  3. Then there is a 21-day premium period

That means they will be affected for at least 28 + 90 + 21 = 139 days before returning to normal. This is very unfriendly to users who want to use ENS normally.

With EP9, the premium period mechanism has been well addressed. Since MIN_REGISTRATION_DURATION and GRACE_PERIOD have been written into the ETHRegistrarController and BaseRegistrar contracts as constants. So, we know that it is very difficult to change this situation.

However, if these two contracts need to be replaced in the future, we feel that the values of MIN_REGISTRATION_DURATION and GRACE_PERIOD should be improved. Such as:

  1. Set MIN_REGISTRATION_DURATION to at least one year.
  2. Let GRACE_PERIOD vary within a certain range according to the length of the registration period, so that users who have used the same name for a long time can use it more confidently.

The above are just some simple ideas, thanks to the following two friends for bringing them up in our chat.



I am in favor of raising the the minimum registration period for this reason.

This might be calculation heavy, but I would support this as long as the max grace period caps out at 90d for one year. A linear relationship would be sufficient.

Linear Grace Period

Years Registered Length of Grace Period
2 years 90d
1 year 90d
6 months 45d

We’re working on a suite of contract upgrades that includes a new version of the controller, so we could certainly integrate this change. The grace period is baked into the registrar, though, and can’t be changed.


Yes, that is probably what we mean. :handshake:

Looks like there will be some new features in the new controller, I look forward to it.

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