Able to claim airdrop on ENS: Old Registrar?

HI, I’m wondering if i’m eligible for the airdrop, I believed I should be because I registered a domain few years ago but never renewed. You can see here the transaction:

am I missing something? via MetaMask the ens page says this address is not eligible.


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I would think you would not be eligible because you didn’t renew. I’m not the definitive guide. But, they took a snapshot of ENS owners (and those who set up a primary ENS name) on October 31. If your account didn’t own at least one name on that date, I don’t think you’re eligible.

This screenshot shows you starting an auction - but not revealing your bid or finalising your name. It’s likely you never owned an ENS name.

thanks @Laramie , I know from the blog post you are eligible even if you owned in the past and then not renew it.

Thanks @nick.eth , that could really explain why I don’t see the airdrop. I believe you are right!