About the error results displayed on EtherScan

Relative to app.ens.domains, some of the ENS information we query on Etherscan is not accurate.

Like this page:

It should show the accounts with the highest number of ENS names, but the data shown here is clearly wrong. Such as the top 1 account 0xbd21109e2bdcb24c4fbcdc16a4c90f34e81228e2. It used to have a lot of ENS names, but most of them are now out of date. In fact, it only has one ENS domain at this time, but it shows here that it still has more than 40,000 names.

I think this is because the TOKENs are not automatically burned in the ERC721 contract after the ENS names expire. It is only removed from the original owner’s holdings when someone else re-registers the domain name.

Luckily, the app.ens.domains showed the correct results. I think the query results on Etherscan will also be used by a lot of people, hopefully you can fix this problem.

I think your guess is correct but I doubt the etherscan team will fix the part as they have to reindex the info every second to be really accurate (and dynamically expiring token ownership is not part of erc721 standard).