Accidental funds sent to ENS-held wallets

In response to EP3, proposing this so we can come up with a consistent answer for similar requests in the future for accidental funds being sent to ENS held wallets.

Three that I can think of off the top of my head:

  1. Return to sender less processing fee of some kind
  2. No action
  3. Liquidate into ENS or ETH and added to the treasury

Potentially we can carve out a special cases that applies to specific tokens like ENS or ETH.

End goal is that we have a clear and unambiguous response for users who accidentally sent stuff over. ie:

  1. We will send the $SHIB tokens back if user sends 0.01E as processing and gas fee
  2. The funds will sit idle in our wallets until eternity
  3. The funds will be treated as donation to the DAO treasure

This depends on where it’s sent. We can recover any $ENS sent to the token contract more or less by accident; we can’t recover ether or any other tokens sent there. We can recover anything sent to the main DAO account, though accidental sends there seem fairly unlikely.

My own opinion is that we should do this biannually as long as there’s more than some lower threshold of “lost” tokens to recover, and not try and apply any fee or penalty.


Thanks @nick.eth , we should also outline what’s possible and what is not, and decide on what to do / how to do it for those that are possible.


Agreeed @nickh.eth An OUTLINE of HOW + WHEN this is going to be finalized?