Accidentally sending ENS tokens to ENS contract address

Hi There, I’m new on this forum and content, so hope I’m doing things right.

I accidentally sent ENS tokens to ENS contract address when transferring from a Central Exchange (Bitvavo) to my MetaMask wallet. So as destination address I didn’t use my generic Metamask Account address but the ENS Contract Address. So the coins never arrived in my Metamask Account. I had contact with ENS support and they suggested to post it here and DM nick.eth but I couldn’t figure how to do a dm here.

Transaction ID: 0xfc3bda55b72a522bd0bc740de916c890e297f6481952535801b40f264068a3e6
ENS token contract address used: 0xC18360217D8F7Ab5e7c516566761Ea12Ce7F9D72
While it should have gone to my MetaMask Account address: 0x6062E7753359223c2082405e8c217A2696d1c3Fd

Who can help me out on this by reverting the ENS tokens back to the original sending address: 0xe706a9f4c33f2a73431cfba3e154cf7e35b8f52a or by sending it through to the Metamask Account address?

I also understood that this mistake is being made by more stupid users like me :wink: (especially with airdrops) and that there is a discussion going on internally if periodically you should revert these transactions.

I hope someone knowledgable here on the forum can help me or bring this under the attention of nick.eth.

And do let me know if more information is needed from my side.
Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Hi Alex, and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear about the lost tokens. If I recall correctly it´s possible to return $ENS tokens accidentally sent to the token contract, and we’ve had discussions on what to do in these circumstances in the past that culminated in [EP3] [Social] Amend Airdrop to include accidentally returned funds

Which sought to return accidentally returned funds at the same time as the retroactive airdrop.

I’m a little unsure on what the possibilities are to return funds on a per-user basis, I think the discussions last time revolved around returning accidentally returned funds to all users in one batch transaction at the end of the year.

@nick.eth is likely the best person to talk to, so I’m tagging him here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your welcome, reply and explanations. And tagging nick.eth ;-).

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It is possible for the DAO to recover tokens accidentally sent to the ENS token contract address. However, it requires a DAO-wide executable vote, and that’s unlikely to happen for 10 tokens.

I’ve talked to the other Meta-governance working group stewards, and in principle we’re happy to refund small amounts like this, then collect them from the contract when the amount is big enough.

One wrinkle here is that since you sent it from an exchange, it’s very difficult to prove that the tokens belong to you. We could transfer the tokens back to the address they came from, but that most likely won’t end up with them back in your hands. Do you have any way to prove you originated the transfer?

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Dear Nick.eth, thanks for your reply and message. I’m not sure if you from your side can see from which address it came from, but when you send it to: 0xe706a9f4c33f2a73431cfba3e154cf7e35b8f52a it will be fine (that’s my address for receiving ENS within my Bitvavo account.
I can proof I originated the transfer by sending you a screenshot of the withdrawal on Bitvavo side. I attached it.
I hope this helps and you’ll be able to send it back to me. Let me know if you need any more info from my side.
Thanks a lot for your understanding and help,
Best Regards, Alex

I’d also be curious to hear what the steps were when you did the transaction that resulted in this happening.

Things like this happen a lot, and I try to interview users whenever they send names/tokens to a contract by accident to try and understand where the UX is failing.

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The transaction originated from 0x95B564F3B3BaE3f206aa418667bA000AFAFAcc8a. We can’t send it to any other address without some solid proof.

Unfortunately, screenshots are very easily manipulated. Unless you can get Bitvavo to certify that the transfer is from your account somehow, I don’t think we can accept it as proof.

Yes, no worries. Let me explain.

On the central exchange called Bitvavo I’m used to have a specific address per coin to transfer from/to. I believe that other exchanges work the same. So, when I wanted to send ENS from Bitvavo to my MetaMask account via the ETH network (this is the first time I send coins other thann ETH to Metamask), I started looking for an address for ENS on MM side.

As I didn’t have ENS in my account yet I manually added the token. Then I looked at the details for that token and couldn’t find a specific address. After a while I found the ENS ‘token contract address’. As there was no other address to be found for this token I thought that that one should be it then. I copied that address and send the 10 ENS from Bitvavo to MM, but it never arrived in my account there.

My mistake was that I didn’t know that with MM you can just send any coin to your Account by sending it to your generic account address. No matter if you’re sending ETH or ENS or other coins. That was totally new for me and I only learned this by making this mistake.

Hope this helps, Let me know if you have any questions, Alex

Ah, interesting, I see. So if I’m understanding correctly, up til now, you were used to only trading crypto on exchanges, where they would generate a new address for each token you were moving around. This being your first time using a self-custody wallet, you thought there should have been an “ENS token specific address,” so you dug around until you found one that was tied to ENS token, and believed that was the address you were supposed to send the tokens to for your Metamask wallet.

Is that correct?

@nick.eth and @carlosdp

Ok, clear, I’ll check with Bitvavo. But what will be solid proof for you? I ask as I would expect that Bitvavo is willing to send me an email confirming that it were mine ENS, but I would again make a screenshot of that and you may say that screenshots are very easily manipulated.
Please let me know and I will act accordingly.

Yes, you are completely right in your understanding!

Thanks to both of you,

Hi Nick, I was in touch with Bitvavo. They are willing to support and ask if you can tell us which data you exactly need to be able to return them to my account.

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Hi Nick, It’s Alex again. I was in contact with Bitvavo and they say that if you return to the address where my transaction originated from (which is their hot wallet), they will be able to put that to my account. So that is great news, you can revert the transaction to 0x95B564F3B3BaE3f206aa418667bA000AFAFAcc8a.

If you still need any proof from me, let me know and I’ll deliver.

Hi Nick,
Just checking what the status on my message is. You gave a ‘thumbs up’ on my last update, so does that mean that you will return the tokens to the originating address mentioned? Please let me know as I will inform Bitvavo on that as well.

Thanks and have a merry Xmas,

After a brief analysis, this image appears to be original and does not contain abnormalities, discrepancies or foreign artifacts.

Thank you for helping here. The colleagues have worked on this and returned my tokens, so I’m happy and all good. Thanks again and have a great 2023!

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