Accidentally sent USDC to "ENS: Public Resolver 2" contract address?! Please Help!?

Hello! I am an ENS holder and love this project! Short story short - On Sep-09-2021 02:31:59 I accidentally sent funds (USDC) to the “ENS: Public Resolver 2” contract address. I had registered a few ENS names, then was transferring funds right after, and somehow made a cut/paste error and shot off $5000 to this ENS deployer :tired_face: . Not my finest crypto moment. The funds are visible on Etherscan and still just chillin there. There is only one USDC transaction ever for this deployer, this one from Sept. Its all right there clear as day, tho - the transaction, the balance. I’d like for my funds to be sent back.

I have the transaction hash and further info. I know the DAO has helped get ENS tokens back that were sent to a contract address in the past with EP3, hoping we can help resolve my situation here also -

I’d really need my funds back. Please Help! If there is any way to get funds back it would GREATLY be appreciated. Thank you!



I would head to the Discord and use the #create-a-ticket channel and see if someone can be done (very doubtful from what you describe above, but there is a chance)

Good luck MJ

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They sent me here! Aye. Its really tough because I can see the funds sitting there in the wallet on Etherscan. :neutral_face:

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ah… well I hope someone with access to the contracts will get back to you then.

Sorry I can’t help you personally

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EP3 sent back $ENS tokens from the ENS token contract. A very specific case that is possible because the DAO has access, through governance, to execute an $ENS transfer from the token contract.

However as far as any other tokens/NFTs in general go, I don’t know whether that’s technically possible. And plus, you’re not talking about the ENS token contract, but the public resolver contract.

If it is possible, then a proposal would need to be drafted and brought before the DAO. I could see a proposal specifically for $ENS tokens sent to the ENS token contract being possible in the future given that there is precedent and it’s a very narrow and specific ask. But I don’t know whether the community has an appetite for fixing user-error/mistakes every single time someone accidentally sends any token/NFT to any contract.

Here’s some additional information on the governance process: Governance Process - ENS Documentation

I’m sorry this happened to you :pensive: Hope this helps

I don’t think it is possible to get money back from Resolvers until after a new Resolver is merged (I think) but I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong on this one