Add more Items to ENS Merch Shop

Sup Guys It me Thomas, I just took a look at our ENS Merch store. What do you think about diversifying our stores? For example, pillows, bags, Laptop Sleeves, Phone Cases, badges, stickers… We should also give gift cards for shopping at Merch Store to users who buy/renew domain names. That will help increase Merch Store revenue, The number of users using products with the ENS logo will help increase our brand recognition. What do you guys think about this?

my girl friend with bag and t-shirt from ENS Merch Store:

Laptop Sleeves:

Phone Case

Funko is also an interesting idea


I can’t read your girlfriends’ ENS name.


I must be reading it differently. :thinking:

There are multiple Merch Threads. Take a look when you get the chance.

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It’s tswift.eth AKA Taylor Swift :rofl: