Adding a privacy layer on ENS

Someone brought up this topic in January of this year and the responses were not really ideal imo. I think adding a layer of privacy to ENS should be one of the main objectives for ENS moving forward. It would allow people to safely and comfortably utilise it as an identity protocol AND p2p payments which is what we all want. Otherwise people will just adopt something else for payments. People want privacy when it comes to payments thats just a no brainer. One thing that could be done for a start is to add a few more UI layers to allow people to make a PUBLIC and PRIVATE resolver. So we could set the Public resolving address to come up in any search via Etherscan when someone types your ens in, but we could also set a private resolver for recieving ANY crypto or NFT sent to the ENS address. That way if you want to show off some POAPS you could send them to your public address but your funds and other NFTs are not publicly connected to your ENS name. I’m sure there are some other good ways that could add privacy to ENS but I think if we want people to actually be able use this in public life then there needs to be a serious privacy layer added. I am a big fan of ENS and what it is capable of. I sincerely hope that we can figure this out. I would love for others input on this as well.

P.S. I think the DAO would approve a portion of the funds being put towards hiring a team and building this as I am sure that as growth continues others are also starting to think wait… so my seedy neighbour is gonna be able to see my grandmas deposit and withdrawal history if she uses this tech… wait…

ENS itself is meant to be publicly visible, replacing wallet addresses and NFT assets.

Protecting privacy is also very necessary. But these 2 are not directly related.

It is not necessary to add a privacy layer to the ENS.

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opensea.eth Hey thank you for your reply. I must be honest and say that I do not understand what ENS end goal is. Is it large scale adoption or is just to make things very convenient for the few that are working and are on the cutting edge of web 3. I am not being facetious here I truly don’t see how this can gain wide scale use with out a privacy layer. For instance if Tornado cash copy pasted everything that ENS has done and created TNS Do you think majority of people wouldn’t opt for privacy? I believe that they would. So that is why I am asking you what is ENS main goal what are we trying to accomplish here.

Also what your’e saying that it’s meant to be publicly visible… is it. Has it not created a DAO for these kinds of things to come up for discussion and decision by the wider congregation in the DAO.