Adding Referral fees to EthRegistrarController.sol

Based on previous discussion, I decided to take a look how hard it could be to add a referral fee to registering and renewing a contract and turns out it’s not that hard.

I’ve mocked an implementation and it should be straightforward.. One new functions for registering, one for renewing and one governance function for changing the fee.

Advantadges of making it on-chain, are that any wallet provider can use it to embed it directly on their app, and creates an incentive for third party websites that register or renew names.

Haven’t been able to test anything yet, because the contracts in the current GitHub don’t actually compile. There are currently 2 GitHub repos: ethregistrar and the general ens-contracts, but I’ve noticed that the one on ens-contracts doesn’t match the deployed version. For one, the deployed version uses sol 0.5.0 and on the GitHub it uses 0.8.4

I wasn’t able to compile it in truffle because there are a lot of errors in the existing contracts and it’s all too complex with dependencies to develop in Remix, so if anyone could give me a hand here, I’d appreciate it.


ens-contracts reflects our latest work, and is the version we’re working on deploying next (with the DAO’s approval).

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In order to test the current version of ethregistrar and ethregistrarcontroller, I think you just need pay attention to the ethregistrar repo, regardless of the ens-contracts.

I can help anyone who needs help to get started working on the latest version of the ens-contracts using vscode/hardhat. Feel free to DM me.