Adoption- Lyft.eth

I noticed a prominent voice in the twitter ENS community is trying to give Lyft the company Lyft.eth
in his posts he says that he is basically being ignored and the company wont accept the domain. This has happened to me with EVERY single domain I have attempted to give away.I had at one time very popular alcohol brands as well as other large brands that I eventually donated to validator.eth in the hopes that he would be able to facilitate something someday. I even had domains that were usable by crypto companies in the crypto space and they still turned it down. I wanted to make this post to be a gentle reminder to everyone that adoption is not guaranteed here. That is why it is such a travesty to see chipotle turned down as well as gamestop. Many companies are turned off by tone and entitlement that is prevalent in the ENS market place. I think there will be big buys ONE day. But if as a community we don’t all do our best to onboard companies and build use cases like social networks and such things then that day will be far away imo. I just wanted to make this post and encourage people who are hoarding names that only have 1 buyer to try and give it to the person you think is going to pay you big money for it. I think you might find that they don’t even want it. So I make this post hopefully as a gentle wake up call into reality for some people. I am sure there will be big sales eventually but what have we as a community done to bring value to these assets?

Edit- looks like I have to eat my words because not only did Lyft reach out I just saw online that Rolex bid on their name around 50k so yeah I think I might even delete this post haha :joy:

Double Edit- Actually looks like I was right in my initial concern. Lyft has not gotten their name from said account and the 50k bid on rolex.eth was placed by a nft collector.


The hubris will work both ways, and this will be fun to look back on.

Right now the best use cases for ENS are within crypto infrastructure. Businesses dependent on foot traffic don’t really need ENS or cryptocurrency just yet.

Think about what we need as humans. We need control of our money, data, and digital identity. Hosting a Web 2.0 website is like 4th or 5th on the near term use cases of ENS. The domain game won’t play out exactly like Web 2.0, and we don’t even know how SEO will play into things since major search engines are not indexing .eth sites yet.

It is clear that the ability to tokenize subdomains is going to shake things up. It might be that people use far fewer domain names for a long time than is thought now. It might be the case that something like .sol splits the action a bit as well. We don’t know anything for sure except it won’t play out the same!

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I appreciate your response and well said. Very many different aspects at play. I suppose there is a case to be made that it is really still too early to tell what is going to create demand and widespread usage of these assets. I think subdomains are going to be really great. I don’t see .sol being a contender as I don’t think sol itself will be a true contender in the long run imo. Everthing else you said I agree with.

I’ve presented creative solutions for both GS ad Chipotle. No response. :frowning:

Same with me for GS, that got my post deleted

I’ve tried to give away names after I bought them after seeing people trying to hold the company hostage and trying to sell them the name for up to 1000eth

I minted a different type of domain which still include the companies name to give to the company for FREE and never got a response, I’ve also got a few Pre-Punk names that I have tried to give away to the companies named and got nothing back

I’m sure they will come eventually, but we will see

I’ve tried to give Anthony “pomploves.bitcoin” 3x now. I feel you.

They did contact him, said they would DM him and then deleted your post, have faith my friend, the world is coming stop trying to force ENS on to people they will come when they are ready!

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