Agenda for .eth Website Subgroup Meeting, August 31st @5pm GMT

Google Meet link:

Lead signer: @neiman
A) Esteroids.eth updates.
B) Nimi.eth updates.
C) Introduction to
D) Subgroup plans for Q3/Q4.
E) Open space for additional topics or comments.

Feel free to suggest topics by replying to this thread.


Call minutes

Participants Dave Montali, @tomlightning, @neiman , @Elle97 , @wolfram , Ernest of Gaia, @ENSPunks.eth , Chris Powers, Fabio Scallini.

The following topics were presented and discussed.


Neiman presented estesroids.eth search engine progress.

The latest addition is the ability to surf .eth websites without using .eth gateways. This gives another way to surf .eth web, with less dependency on bottlenecks. It’s an addition to the existing ways of .eth gateways ( or, Brave browser, and browser extensions.

The future plans include upgrading the section of the popular website. Esteroids discovered that the popular section is the one most visitors visit first, so it will be improved to show the best the .eth web has to offer and highlight new hot websites.

In addition, a new IPFS analytics tool for .eth websites will be released in the upcoming weeks. The analytics tool will give .eth websites owner the ability to know how many people visit the website without compromising any of the pros of the .eth web.


Dave Montali presented the latest upgrade of Nimi.

This includes design upgrades, and fast, free updating of Nimi website (using dWeb Services). Dave discussed some of the (many!) future plans of Nimi: multisigs accounts for organizations, an NFT frontshop, and a Nimi app.

The Nimi app will allow people to scan each other’s QR codes, and create social connections between Nimi users.

dWeb Services

@tomlightning presented the latest updates of dWeb Services.

One update is Sign-in With ENS Name. A second is the ability to import all your ENS names so you could quickly set up contenthash for them. The last update is the ability to automatically convert CID v0 to v1 on publishing.

dWeb Services currently provides infrastructure for 11% of the .eth websites in Esteroids index. Due to its increasing popularity, it recently had to upgrade the servers, hence also increasing the operational costs.


wolfram.eth presented predomains.eth that was just released.

It’s a .eth website for buying and managing ENS names. One of the main features there is bulk registration of names. It is something in between ENS App and, but in a pure .eth version.

wolfram.eth pointed out that there’s a general problem for .eth websites to get data of NFTs trades, since there is no oracle that supports it at the moment.

.eth websites SG plans for Q3/Q4

There was a lively discussion of possible activities the .eth websites SG could do in Q3/Q4.

Chris Powers from DXdao pointed out that we need more projects building the .eth web. His ideas include:

  • improving the interaction of the builders network with weekly calls or a monthly space,
  • sponsring drinks for real life events in big conferences.

ENSPunks added:

  • organizing workshops for building .eth websites for beginners. He organized one already with great response. In his opinion it can really push adoption.

Finally, Fabio Scallini proposed:

  • Work on getting exposure on Crypto news websites, to bring new people to the field.