Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, August 22, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @slobo.eth, @validator.eth, and @bobjiang


A) ENS Project Highlights
B) ENS ecosystem round - Gitcoin GR15

  • Eligibility
  • Where to get help?
  • What’s a good proposal example (ethleaderboard)

C) ENS core updates
D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
F) Open space for others ecosystem related topics

How to present projects:

  • Audience : The audience are folks who have a high level understanding of technology but are not technical experts. Assume zero knowledge of solidity.

  • User Story : Start with a user story, such as person A wanted censorship resistance storage so we invited IPFS. Then dive into the needed details.

  • Duration : Try to keep the demo / presentation to under 5 minutes

  • Request : Describe the ask early to set the context for the demo or project. Ask can be for funds, feedback problem or project, or to give the project greater awareness.


Attendees: 5pence.eth, Al Mack, Alexandro Netto, ENS Punks, Jorge Riveros, alisha.eth, anas hamada, anthonyware.eth, carlosdp.eth, coltron.eth, Ernest Of Gaia, estmcmxci.eth, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, limes.eth, premm.eth, rocco.eth, slobo.eth, sydmead-, validator.eth, zadok7.eth

Call Minutes

A) ENS Project Highlights

ENS-CommunityGrants pod

  • @rocco introduced the SIWE ens-community server pod and started a dialogue on how they should use their budget. He would like to fund hackathons for SIWE and provide retroactive funding for individuals who have worked on projects such as the WordPress plugin for SIWE.
  • Will sync with Ecosystem stewards offline about hackathon ideas and budgetary requests.
  • SIWE is working with gnosis safe to allow for cleaner authentication

Referral Feature Added to ENS

  • Alexando Netto presented his ENS Referral project. This project was one of five winners from the first Small Grants round. - His project enables third-party websites to set a referral fee for minting names on their front-end outside of the official ENS App. Additionally, this implements a bulk registration feature. A Medium article discusses this project at length.
  • This feature would require changes to the registrar controller if implemented.

Lilnouns Subdomains

B) ENS ecosystem round - Gitcoin GR15

GR15 runs from September 7th through September 22nd. A broad overview of GR15 can be found on the Gitcoin blog.

  • Eligibility
    • Projects improving the ENS ecosystem through integrations, new developments, educational material, etc.
  • Where to get help?
    • Reach out to ecosystem stewards.
    • Attend upcoming Twitter spaces.
  • A good example of a proposal
    • EthLeaderboard is good example of projects that have recieved support in the past.

C) ENS core updates

  • No significant updates this week.
  • A discussion of current initiatives such as the Name Wrapper, L2 Support, Normalization, and Glaxis NFTs can be found on this forum thread.
  • Name Wrapper by September 30, 2022 likely!

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

  • IRL Events
    • Jorge presented venue ideas for a side-event during Devcon, similar to what was hosted by the DAO during ETHNewYork. The IRL subgroup will explore the viability of an IRL event in Bogota.

F) Open space for other ecosystem-related topics

GR15 and Name Wrapper Twitter Space

  • @ENSPunks.eth and @3402.eth will host a Twitter Space on Tuesday, August 23rd at 3 PM EST dedicated to GR15 to connect the community with these grant opportunities.
  • @Premm.eth will be a special guest providing insight into the upcoming subdomain wrapper.


  • Will take place on September 2nd. ENS will be sponsoring ETH Online.
  • This is an excellent hackathon to get onboarded to Web3. Expect updates from ENS on this.