Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, March 15, 2022


Elected Stewards: @slobo.eth, @ginge.eth, and @bobjiang
Tuesday March 15 @ 1am GMT*
Google Meet link:


A) Highlight (πŸ’°$3.1m Match LIVE!) Grants | Gitcoin) currently on gitcoin – @bobjiang
B) Highlight ecosystem projects, not included above
C) ENS core updates, if any
D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

I encourage folks to reply with other topics they would like to discuss.

We will continue to post notes of the calls as a reply to each weeks agenda to reduce the clutter in the forum.

*The next ecosystem meeting will be held at 7pm GMT on March 21st.


Date: March 15, 2022

Time : 1am GMT

Meeting Link :

Attendees : jefflau.eth , ginge.eth, bobjiang.eth, slobo.eth, nick.eth, sydmead, cerealsabre

Key Discussion

Sign-in with ethereum is in the early stages of seeking a $500k grant from ENS DAO. The Ethereum Foundation has already agreed to a matching $500k*. We, as ecosystem stewards (@nick.eth @jefflau.eth @bobjiang @Ginge.eth, and @slobo.eth), unanimously support this grant request. This is exactly the type of projects we hope the ENS DAO funds.

We also encourage folks to reach out to us if they have a sizable grant request. We can help them with the grant process.


A) Highlight (:moneybag:$3.2m Match LIVE!) Grants | Gitcoin ) currently on gitcoin

There’s still time to contribute until March 24th. All of these projects passed hurdle to be accepted into the grant program. That being said, we thought it would be good to highlight some favorites from the call.

B) Highlight ecosystem projects, not included above
See discussion section above

C) ENS core updates, if any

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
ENS may be participating at ETHAmsterdam, we should know within about a week or so.

*If this is an accurate, please let us know


Should the email addresses that project marketing officers need to use to contact ENS for homepage listings, because of their ENS integration, be publicly available?

Can you rephrase your question? I’m not sure I fully understand what you are asking.

For example " Nick@ENS.Domains " for contact if they’ve integrated ENS and wish it to be listed on the ENS homepage ecosystem 500+ projects.

Also, this new 5m treasury fund release as a grant to the open source alphas that will build the required protocol foundations, and many will join to drive it on.

Maybe prepare something to help them build, aligning with our UN SDG’s and ESG, CSR, Treatise :wink:

It’s exciting times.

Should we develop UN Sustainable Development Goals (that may include factors from the Ethereum Wishlist) to steer the projects into alignment with existing ISO standards

and see a project adopt say a Master Site File or QMS (ISO 90001) which would allow the entire committee activity within " " to become as credible as standard organisations that exist off-chain

(say ISO 20026 Format in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format used for Financial Data Interchange of remittance transaction, allowing exchanges to inter operate internationally)

meaning we bring in serious offchain infrastructure.

  • Qualifications & Validation For Personnel
  • Real Time Live Environment & Pilot Programs
  • Computerised Systems
  • Packaging material (nonvirgin-cardboard as existing off chain are moving this way)
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Personnel Documentation
  • quality management
  • IEEEE type of OS - Monolithic Kernal or Mach Kernel
  • Documentation Maintenance
  • Beta Testing Standards
  • ISO/IEC 270"0
  • ISO/ IEC 27002 (Information Security Management System)
  • Inspector Bodies (ISO 17020)
    -ISO 31000 Risk Management
  • DHF - Design History File

Just thinking aloud but this will allow the necessary infrastructure move on-chain with ENS

@slobo.eth @berrios.eth @slobo.eth @Cannabusiness.eth @Coltron.eth @Cthulu.eth @chaos.monkey @inplco @daylon.eth

No offense but I understood maybe 10% of that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah, I plan on working on lots, cause this DAO is a world first DAO Governance being built with exactly a completely objective and random trust in Biota