Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, September 12, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @slobo.eth, @validator.eth, and @bobjiang


A) Gitcoin GR15 ENS Side Round

Needs ideas? We will be checking out some curated collections during the call

B) ENS Project Highlights
C) ENS core updates
D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

Lock down venue for Bogotá @Limes @estmcmxci

E) Open space for others ecosystem related topics

  • newsletter vs. editorials & where should they reside

How to present projects:

  • Audience : The audience are folks who have a high level understanding of technology but are not technical experts. Assume zero knowledge of solidity.
  • User Story : Start with a user story, such as person A wanted censorship resistance storage so we invited IPFS. Then dive into the needed details.
  • Duration : Try to keep the demo / presentation to under 5 minutes
  • Request : Describe the ask early to set the context for the demo or project. Ask can be for funds, feedback problem or project, or to give the project greater awareness.

Call Minutes

Attendees: 184.eth, 5pence.eth, adrian maurer, alex flanagan, alisha.eth, anas hamada, daylon.eth, dcbk2la, ENS Punks, enswoman_eth 3402, Ernest Of Gaia, Ilia, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, jorge riveros, limes.eth, luke wright, m J, maintainer.eth, marcus martinez, nicholas brodeur, premm.eth, slobo.eth, steven miller, sydmead-, vegayp.eth, wolfram.eth, zachary manlowitz

A) Gitcoin GR15 ENS Side Round 1

  • At the time of the meeting, there are over 94 projects in the ENS ecosystem side round for GR15. This number exceeds the initial goal of 69 grants!
  • If your ENS tag hasn’t been applied to your grant, or your grant is inactive, please reply to this Airtable form or DM Alisha to get it fixed.
  • You can view collections of GR15 grants curated by ENS community members on this notion page. If you would like to submit your collection, please fill out this form.

B) ENS Project Highlights

Ten projects were highlighted on the call. Listed below in order of when they were highlighted during the call.

GR15 Grant or Website Presenter Description
ENS Newsletter daylon.eth A bi-weekly ENS DAO Newsletter on Substack.
WTF Can I do with my .eth name? dcbk2la An office hours for different communities, including ENS hosted by dcbk2la.
ETHLeaderboard gregskril.eth A leaderboard of Twitter accounts with .eth in their name, ranked by follower counts.
ENSFairy gregskril.eth “The Easiest way to gift an ENS name.” sydemead.eth LIMO is an ENS-enabled IPFS gateway with a strong focus on user privacy and security.
ENS + DeFi + NFT Ilia A new social profile for Web3 that creates a Defi and Web3 profile based on ENS Names.
ENS Queens 3402.eth ENS Queens is a women-founded, women-led organization that aims to educate and onboard women into ENS and Web3.
GR15 Twitter Spaces 3402.eth Twitter spaces about GR15 are hosted every Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PST) through September 22.
3ID Alex Flanagan and Adrain Maurer A multi-chain decentralized identity with secure messaging.
Predomain wolfram.eth Open-source, decentralized, ENS domains search, registration & marketplace.

C) ENS core updates

  • No significant updates.

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

  • Discussed IRL meet-up in Bogota.
    • Event location will be announced when confirmed.

E) Open space for other ecosystem-related topics

  • None.